Even the electric chair probably created jobs

Keystone ad

While attending a conference for solar energy companies from the Mid-Atlantic states held last week in Washington, DC, I picked up a copy of The Hill, a newspaper for Washington insiders that comes out daily when Congress is in session. And I marveled at the full page ads taken out by big government contractors and industry lobby groups and directed at members of Congress and their staffs. Just … [Read more...]

Who’s afraid of Daniel Yergin?

Daniel Yergin

Maybe you've tried arguing with a Fox News fan about global warming? Soon, you could start having the same kind of time-wasting exchanges about peak oil and energy depletion. The good news is that unlike climate change, most people haven't even heard of peak oil. That's certainly a challenge, but it's also an opportunity to help the public get it right from the beginning. Even better news: most … [Read more...]