Stars of Peak Oil

Here you'll find pieces ranging from short articles to long in-depth interviews offering a deeper glimpse into the leading writers, bloggers and activists on peak oil, Transition and re-localized economies. Subjects include Nicole Foss, James Howard Kunstler, Michael Ruppert, Dmitry Orlov and many, many more.

Shameless birthday fundraising plug

Transition Voice Publisher Erik Curren.

Today is Transition Voice publisher Erik Curren's birthday. I thought that was reason enough to make one of our occasional plugs for donations to help support the work at Transition Voice. Talk about one of the hardest working guys in the news business. In spite of the fact that Erik has already entered the new economy, holding down five different jobs simultaneously — he's a web designer, … [Read more...]

Visual guide to the cost of growth. Review: ENERGY


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With that in mind, the 195 color, mostly full page — often double page — photographs in the Post Carbon Institute's* latest book, ENERGY: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth, speaks volumes beyond its gigantic sized pages about the energy and environmental predicament humanity is immersed in today. But while the book is heavy on … [Read more...]

Transition Voice Holiday


'Tis the season when peak oilers everywhere join in a chorus of reflection that goes something like, "Why, why, why?" For people intimately tuned in to connecting the dots between the oil driven economy, consumer excess, and a planetary ecosystem under assault from the cancerous growth paradigm, the host of end-of-year festivities can be touched with more than a little melancholy. In some cases … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for an Oil “Change?”

Peak oil banner

Get the information and insights you need to navigate the future for your business, your family, your community, your country. Our economy, national security, and environment are all linked to oil.  It touches every aspect of modern life. But oil is changing, and your world is changing with it. The ASPO-USA Conference, co-hosted with The University of Texas, will help you understand and … [Read more...]

Hocus pocus as national strategy. Review: ‘Too Much Magic’


In the Waldorf method of education, founded by scientist and mystic Rudolf Steiner, each year the child experiences a different central focus in class. This central focus informs everything from storytelling to math to language acquisition to handwork skills like knitting, sewing, or wood working. For example, in the first grade the central focus is fairy tales and in second grade it is myths, … [Read more...]

Peak oil, keeping reality in mind


Ponder what it means that half of all the oil ever burned has been burned over the past 22 years and ask yourself where the supplies will come from to fund the next 22 years. Thanks to Adam Smith and those who followed him, especially the current neoclassical economic theologians, we've seen such an increase in the world’s wealth and population that it's hard to imagine life before the … [Read more...]

Magical thinking: Kunstler and Berman on natural gas euphoria

Fracking Cartoon

In Episode #192 of the Kunstlercast which aired February 2nd, James Howard Kunstler and Duncan Crary have done us all a great favor by interviewing noted petroleum geologist, Arthur Berman. Berman’s popular in the peak oil world. In addition to his day job as a petroleum geologist and consultant, he's on the board of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and an editorial board member of the … [Read more...]

Burning a candle for the peak-ocalypse

Birthday Cake

On this, the first birthday of Transition Voice Magazine, we're burning a celebratory candle atop a chocolate covered peak-ocalypse cake. Boy does it feel good. One year ago today We launched Transition Voice one year ago with the lofty (or crazy) aim of adding a new perspective to the peak oil conversation. We wanted a perspective that was a little less about industry in-speak (homie don't … [Read more...]

How to talk about the end of growth: interview with Richard Heinberg

Author Richard Heinberg

Just after the release of his newest book, The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality, I sat down with Richard Heinberg via Skype to get his take on what needs to happen to shift the conversation on peak oil and peak debt. The interview follows. LC: Thanks for taking some time to talk to me again. RH: Sure. LC: Did you consult an astrologer on the release date of the … [Read more...]

No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Interview: Dmitry Orlov


Though we've had Transition Voice for almost a year now, last month was the first time I talked to Russian-American peak oil and economic analyst Dmitry Orlov, whose popular website, Club Orlov, offers both his own thoughts, and a vigorous community of like-minded readers. Because Orlov takes a more skeptical, less forgiving look at collapse, I think I might have been tuning him out to a … [Read more...]