Fracking movie “Promised Land” is a gusher

Promised Land still

After I saw Matt Damon and John Krasinski's new fracking drama Promised Land, I couldn't help but compare it to the slew of trite pieces trotted out during the previews. There was the typical wedding family hijinks RomCom; the take-no-prisoners gangster-fest; the scorched-earth-meets-futuristic-savior piece; and some picture about a lovable psychotic redeemed by a chick. Guilty pleasures, … [Read more...]

The great white shale

Leapfrogging into the dustbin of history.

Everybody likes good news. But perhaps nobody likes good news as much as exuberant traders and financial advisers who are in the business of selling willing investors on making a quick buck off the next greatest thing to come rolling down the pike. Such is the case for American shale gas, which, to hear it from some analysts, offers a Saudi Arabia on American soil, or rather, 11—count them—11 … [Read more...]