Transition Voice is back

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This is a story we probably should have done a few months ago, in February, when we decided to put Transition Voice on hiatus for a few months. But honestly, we didn't want to clutter your email boxes with news that we thought wouldn't interest anyone besides ourselves. Apparently, we were mistaken. Earlier this week, we published our first new story since February, Gerri Williams's review … [Read more...]

For health, smarts and resilience, drink your beer

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Anybody interested in buying more food from local farmers and learning how to cook and preserve it at home knows that taking control of what goes in your mouth is a powerful way to get healthier. But if you're trying to eat more organic kale, more free-range eggs and more pastured beef, you may also be trying to cut back on booze to stiffen up that beer belly or shrink those love … [Read more...]

You built that: 3 top strategies for resilience


President Obama aroused the GOP's ire for reminding business owners of the obvious point that their success relies in part on roads and bridges built at public expense. But the rest of us would do well not to place too much faith in big government in the uncertain times coming with peak oil, climate change and economic collapse. Whether you think we're facing another financial meltdown this … [Read more...]

Ackerman and McPherson: Madness of the mainstream

Lunacy sign

The following dialogue continues an on-going cyber-discussion between two cultural philosophers, Dr. Sherry Ackerman and Dr. Guy McPherson. ACKERMAN: Wow! I don’t leave the homestead all that often. And, when I do, I don’t go that far. But, today I had occasion to venture out into mainstream culture for the afternoon and I was flabbergasted. The mainstream has never been my thing, but, Guy, … [Read more...]

Fantastic animated Transition video


Thanks to Rob Hopkins for introducing me to a great new animated video from Ireland, "Surfing the Waves of Change." "The challenges we're facing are huge," begins the narrator of the nine-minute film, as ominous music plays in the background and a surfer in a wetsuit stands atop a steep cliff battered by rough sees. "These waves of change threaten our way of life: a broken economic system, job … [Read more...]

Making Transition happen, starting now

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The Transition Town movement starts from the realization that modern consumer culture is not sustainable. We currently use too much oil and other fossil fuels, resources that won't last forever and are being used up fast. Fossil fuels permeate modern life. At home, work, play, or moving in between, we're almost always burning fossil fuels. Or we're using petroleum-based plastic stuff from … [Read more...]

Children in Transition: Art, nature, life

Nature Child

Recently I sat in on a Transition US webinar on Children in Transition with Dianne Monroe. Monroe calls herself an “Expressive Arts Facilitator"—she creates, leads workshops, and mentors in San Antonio, Texas. Her purpose with the presentation was to look at how our interactions with children, as parents, extended relatives, educators, and community members, can help them meet the future. … [Read more...]

Mission critical approach to planetary risk management

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How often do we think about the complexity and risk inherent in our modern world? We don’t think twice about jumping onto a Boeing 737 and flying to Sydney at the drop of a hat. We take for granted the intricate supply chains required to keep our supermarket shelves stocked. We plug electronic equipment into our 240 volt sockets without ever thinking about the reliability of our power … [Read more...]

We’re all peak oilers now

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There has been a distinct increase in dialogue around energy in the last year, and I hear a growing acceptance of the idea that we live on a finite planet and will either reduce the amount of energy we demand from this planet, or hit some version of a brick wall when that demand cannot be met. Maybe we’re there already, we’re just not hitting the wall at speed, and therefore we’re not … [Read more...]

Transition within: mental resilience

You're not alone, the end times are freakin crazy!

Almost six years ago I swallowed the little red pill of peak oil, climate change and the growing instability of the world economy. My life has never again been the same. Like a lot of folks, my initial response was, “Oh my God, what do I do?” I was a manager in corporate America with frightfully few useful low-energy skills, so, first I just focused on basic preparation for a lower energy … [Read more...]