Who’s building the do-it-ourselves economy?

Corbyn and Babies

Corbyn Hightower was doing everything right. She worked long hours selling natural skin care products, flying between cities to meet customers, staying in posh hotels. She pulled down a salary that provided her family of five with a comfortable home in a planned community, a Honda SUV, health insurance, and regular shopping trips for the best natural foods, clothes, shoes, and toys. Then the … [Read more...]

How to talk about the end of growth: interview with Richard Heinberg

Author Richard Heinberg

Just after the release of his newest book, The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality, I sat down with Richard Heinberg via Skype to get his take on what needs to happen to shift the conversation on peak oil and peak debt. The interview follows. LC: Thanks for taking some time to talk to me again. RH: Sure. LC: Did you consult an astrologer on the release date of the … [Read more...]

Double-plus-down-up economy

Crumpled dollar bill

If all economists were laid end to end, they [still] would not reach a conclusion. - George Bernard Shaw The Transition Movement focuses a whole lot on energy and environment; but it doesn’t pay as much attention to economics.  Perhaps it"s because economists never seem to agree. For years, economists have variously: declared an economic recession; denied that any recession existed; admitted in … [Read more...]