High-speed rail is BS, but I love it anyway

Plan USA high speed rail map

The Obama administration has re-started its campaign for high-speed rail this week. I want to believe in it. I love all trains, and especially fast ones with aero nosecones like rockets, speeding through a field of sunflowers while cozy inside, passengers read Proust on a Kindle and sip Cointreau from Bohemian crystal. But given that deficit-hawk Republicans committed to paring federal … [Read more...]

Interview: Gail the Actuary

Gail Tverberg

"If I plant a garden and all my neighbors are starving, I'll have to share it with them and it's not going to go very far," says Gail Tverberg, known to readers of the Oil Drum as Gail the Actuary. "You have to solve the problem for the whole population." Maybe that's why Tverberg thinks that people who care about peak oil need to reach out beyond energy buffs to a larger public. "I hope … [Read more...]

America in decline?


E. J. Dionne Jr.'s recent column in the Washington Post, "Can Obama Find His Morning in America?" notes an increasingly widespread domestic view that America is in decline. Dionne argues that such an infectious tumult could either cripple Obama or, alternatively, create an opportunity to right his presidency and recapture the confidence of the American people. What Obama needs, says Dionne, is … [Read more...]