Will 2013 be the year globalization died?

Insourcing American Jobs conference

In The Campaign, last year's hilarious, potty-mouthed political romp with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, the Motch brothers (modeled of course on the Koch brothers) shovel piles of cash onto the campaign of Galifianakis's character Marty. Why? They want to build factories in his North Carolina congressional district, where they will employ Chinese workers at Chinese wages. They call it … [Read more...]

Closing factories is nothing to be proud of

closed factory

Seth Godin is the one business guru I follow. Since I run several websites, I find his insights on working as a wired freelancer in the Internet economy useful. And unlike most of his peers, Godin doesn't just talk about how to make money and get more customers. He also shows an environmental conscience. For example, he's a firm believer in climate science and has chided deniers for their … [Read more...]