Everyman’s journey

Pilgrim couple

We're re-running this popular piece from the first year of Transition Voice. Pilgrim's Progress: From This World to That Which Is To Come A Survival Sampler "So, can I ask you a personal question? What do YOU call this whole thing, whatever it is, that's gonna happen?"  I posed this to a man I had just met and who happens to be the largest supplier on the East Coast of long-term food … [Read more...]

Homemade Halloween


We're running this piece from 2010 again in celebration of the upcoming Halloween. One of my worst parenting memories happened when I took my daughters trick-or-treating on the vaunted Lawn of the University of Virginia campus one year. The girls were about six and four at the time, and the picturesque associations of the annual UVa. Halloween tradition conjured up by friends made it … [Read more...]

Polluters vs. the people

Vintage shot of underground coal miners

Guest column by climatologist Dr. James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies. We hold this truth to be self evident – all people are created equal. That truth is the basis for equal protection of the laws – a right guaranteed by our Constitution. "All people" includes young people, mountain people, poor people. Our government was instituted to protect the … [Read more...]

It takes a village to raise the world

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the worldwide Transition Town Network. Photo: Stephen Prior

For a guy who set out in 2005 to help his small Irish village move toward an economy beyond fossil fuels and ended up spawning a world wide movement that in five short years has lead to 323 Transition groups around the world, Rob Hopkins sure is humble and unassuming. We sat down recently with the no-fly-zone leader for an interview via Skype straight to the beating heart of the Transition … [Read more...]

Would Patton hate nukes?

George C. Scott as Patton

It appears that General George S. Patton, hero of the Battle of the Bulge, is back.  As always, he's not taking any balogna in Bastogne.  But this time, he's come to open up a can of whoop-ass on energy ideas that would make America open to foreign baddies. "Patton is the biggest enemy of nuclear power,"  according to his amanuensis, former CIA Director James Woolsey,  who channeled the ghost … [Read more...]

Interview: Matt Simmons

Matt Simmons, July 2010. Photo: Courtesey of the Ocean Energy Institute.

When we hatched the idea this summer of starting Transition Voice as the first online magazine devoted to regular coverage of peak oil, we knew immediately that Matt Simmons was the first expert we wanted to interview. Those familiar with the subject will know why. That's why we were so glad when Simmons took a chance on our fledgling effort, and agreed to talk to us for our first issue. We … [Read more...]

Green hawks fight clean (and mean)

Hellfire helicopter firing

Their natural habitat is the Pentagon, NATO Allied Joint Force Command, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. And their prey is oil sheiks and petro-caudillos, saboteurs of nuclear plants, and others who would use energy to intimidate America. They worry that importing oil from foreign countries ruled by hostile regimes puts America's national security and world dominance … [Read more...]

Texas: don’t mess with California

No on Proposition 23 icon

Ah, Texas oil guys. There really is a lot to love about your supersized state: great quesadillas, wind turbines, Kinky Friedman, the Chicken Ranch and Austin indy rock. And let's not forget the late Matt Simmons. But are you oil and gas barons just addicted to trying to screw California? You'd think that whole Enron thing, causing blackouts just for grins and jacking up power rates back in … [Read more...]

How community is like a garden

Mother and son find play in life. Lynn Crounse Photography

Have you ever sat still in a garden and focused your attention on the symphony of life around you?  Perhaps you lifted some mulch and witnessed the soil teaming with life just below the surface – insects, nematodes, bacteria, worms, mycelia mats, young sprouts, rotting debris – all dancing in unison to the fecundity of life. Observe and flow with nature As an instructor in Permaculture, a … [Read more...]

A climate wake-up call

Wake Up America -- global warming is here

Imagine this scenario. Your medical doctor informs you: “You need to stop all industrial activities immediately, or you’ll be dead in twenty years. And so will your five-year-old child. Eventually, of course, you will die anyway — after all, nobody gets out alive — but your death is guaranteed if you do not stop relying on fossil fuels for travel, heating and cooling, water from the tap, and food … [Read more...]