The #Occupy movement has become America's version of the Arab Spring, continuing the effort of democracy protesters in Wisconsin against financial inequity and capture of government by moneyed special interests.

Black Friday strikes back with ‘freedom to shop’

Blacklie Day 2013 screenshot

If you're rooting for humanity to survive much into the future, then you'll surely find yourself on the opposite side of the holiday shopping season from America's big retailers. If they're rooting for more sales, you may be rooting for consumers to buy less. People who care about climate change and peak oil want industry to stop trashing the planet. But industries that make money from selling … [Read more...]

Lessons from Sandy a year later

Occupy Sandy meme

To mark the anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, Josh Fox is encouraging people to watch his short film on storm cleanup and relief efforts, Occupy Sandy. Fox, better known for his two full length documentaries on hydrofracking, Gasland and Gasland II, also makes short films. He made the 25-minute video on Sandy and its connection to climate change at the end of last year. Don't count on … [Read more...]

Five reasons why government shutdown points to breakup of U.S.

The Union is dissolved poster

Despite all the talk, the federal government shutdown hasn't greatly affected daily life for most Americans so far. Some have been hit hard, especially federal employees, those receiving certain benefit payments, and tourists planning to visit the Smithsonian or a national park. But as apocalypses go, a couple weeks without "non-essential" federal services has been underwhelming for most American … [Read more...]

Fear for free!

Protester with sign against NSA

The big brouhaha over former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden's whistle-blowing revelation that the government is tuning in to every last thing We The People are doing has resulted in exactly the effect that an authoritarian government would most want to achieve: leaving us all quaking in fear and paranoia. For my part, I'm neither ready to declare Snowden a hero nor to … [Read more...]

‘Not about trees anymore’ as Turkey protests intensify

Turkish protester holding sign

What started as a bid to save public land has escalated as youth face riot police with calls of revolution. What began as a protest to protect a public park in Istanbul from commercial development has escalated dramatically in a week's time with violent clashes between demonstrators and police on Friday leading to an even larger escalation on Saturday as more than ten thousand Turkish … [Read more...]

The happy ending

Sandy Stops Our Shopping

Below we present the first chapter of The End of the World by Reverend Billy, leader of the Church of Stop Shopping. Sparing neither fire nor brimstone, the good Reverend preaches sinners in the hands of an angry Earth. He calls on humanity to change its evil ways before the final judgment, inspiring the congregation to a faith that, after Hurricane Sandy, will not allow any of us to sit on … [Read more...]

The 2013 in and out list

bacon tee

The end of 2012 brought with it a rash of the same-old same-old "In and Out" lists issued by the lamestream media and their corporate overlords. To wit, the annual Washington Post "List," this time tarted up by putting two newbies at the helm to give it some so-called edge. Bwa-ha ha! It still stunk of too much product placement, too many contract obligations, and a crap load of deference to … [Read more...]

Double, double, toil and trouble

Devil on Wall Street

Hey anons, goblins, ghouls, ghosts and hallowed party-goers, Looks like on the eve of the election there’s going to be one hell of a party on Wall Street, one on Capitol Hill and hundreds more in front of banks and other prime locations all over the land. “We all just need a good night off, to relax and have fun.” Invite your friends, invite your enemies and bring back the spirit of all … [Read more...]

Green Party’s Jill Stein: A missing voice in presidential debates

Jill Stein at Occupy Wall Street anniversary rally

Transition Voice has re-posted the article below from YES! Magazine. -- Ed. Like many of us here at YES!, medical doctor Jill Stein has been frustrated by the narrowness of this year's campaign for president of the United States. Crucial issues such as climate change, poverty, and the cost of war are completely left out of the conversation. No one tackles this problem as directly as Stein, … [Read more...]

Is America the most materialistic society in the history of the world?

yacht waterslide

When it comes to materialism, has any nation ever surpassed what we are seeing in the United States right now? We define our lives by how much stuff we have, to a large degree our personal and business relationships are defined by how much money we make, and even most of the important dates on our calendar are all about materialism.  Just think about it.  We throw outrageous birthday parties … [Read more...]