‘The Giving Tree’ a heartbreaking classic for kids and adults

Photo: hsld.

Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree is a  love story between a boy and a tree that turns dysfunctional in the end. Like all the best children's books, The Giving Tree isn't just for kids. And given what industrial society is doing to the Earth, Silverstein's story, which first came out in 1964, is more relevant for adults today than it ever was. When the boy was little he spent his … [Read more...]

Gratitude to trees


Written as a guide to prepare students from two classes—“Place and Identity” and “Conservation Biology”--for a walk into the woods beyond Dominican University of California. Morning: Listening Trees transform, shield, shade and provide oxygen, fruit, and beauty. They offer many other gifts. Without trees, humans wouldn't survive. Through the magical process of photosynthesis, tree leaves and … [Read more...]

Bear in mind


I love it that for the past few years woodland animals have been all the rage in DIY design circles. Some are nouveau-cutesy, others realistic, and almost always rendered in ways that instantly make you love the object — whether it's a stuffed animal, tee shirt, print, bedding, drinking glasses, wall mounted fake taxidermy or whatever. Very hip, very fun. Of course, from Lascaux to Frank … [Read more...]