Before it goes dark, let’s live

candle smoke

For my initial forty years on Earth, I was an unrepentant idealist. Surrounded by students I loved, pursuing a life of excellence rooted in inquiry, striving to serve humanity and the living planet, I cared about humans and other species to the point of heartbreak. I pinned my dreams on people and believed they would rise to the occasion. No more. Color me cynical in the spirit of comedian … [Read more...]

The natural limits of confronting our limits

television after the collapse

LOAVES AND FISHES This is not the age of information. This is not the age of information. Forget the news, and the radio, and the blurred screen. This is the time of loaves and fishes. People are hungry, and one good word is bread for a thousand. -David Whyte It’s Memorial Day, 2013, and I’m awaiting my flight to Denver from Baltimore. This year, re-entry from the Age of Limits … [Read more...]

Learning from the community of the land


While recently shoveling aged horse manure around berry vines on my small organic farm to fertilize them, which gives me great pleasure, I thought about what I have learned about the community of the land by farming over the last two decades. I noticed how spreading brown gold -- to which I add the green manure of decaying plants -- utilizes waste to transform plants and help them grow. The … [Read more...]