Five bummer problems that make societies collapse


"If anyone tells you that there's a single-factor explanation for societal collapse," says collapse guru Jared Diamond, "you know right away that they're an idiot. This is a complex subject." So, forget about peak debt, peak oil, peak climate, peak Harry Potter or even peak everything as the single most important problem that could bring today's whole pulsing, beaming and txt-mssgng mess down … [Read more...]

Naomi Klein now officially a peak oiler

Naomi Klein speaking

You're more likely to hear the author of No Logo: Taking on the Brand Bullies target Nike sweatshops than predict how many barrels per day are likely to come out of Ghawar in the third quarter. Recently, perhaps the world's most popular activist has taken leadership on climate issues. Last week Klein joined the board of the new-and-improved, on the occasion of their merger with fellow … [Read more...]