For peak oil, these stars are shining brightly


We first launched Transition Voice nearly a year ago with two interviews: Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins and the late oil industry investment banker Matt Simmons. Since then, interviews with key figures in the peak oil movement, from James Howard Kunstler to Sharon Astyk to Nicole Foss, have become one of our most popular features. And we've kept 'em coming. Our latest was a discussion … [Read more...]

How to talk about the end of growth: interview with Richard Heinberg

Author Richard Heinberg

Just after the release of his newest book, The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality, I sat down with Richard Heinberg via Skype to get his take on what needs to happen to shift the conversation on peak oil and peak debt. The interview follows. LC: Thanks for taking some time to talk to me again. RH: Sure. LC: Did you consult an astrologer on the release date of the … [Read more...]

No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Interview: Dmitry Orlov


Though we've had Transition Voice for almost a year now, last month was the first time I talked to Russian-American peak oil and economic analyst Dmitry Orlov, whose popular website, Club Orlov, offers both his own thoughts, and a vigorous community of like-minded readers. Because Orlov takes a more skeptical, less forgiving look at collapse, I think I might have been tuning him out to a … [Read more...]

Peak oil experts assess Japan crisis

thinking of Japan poster

The earthquake and subsequent tsunami disaster in Japan have prompted speculation about the world's nuclear future, the pressures on oil, and issues around economic collapse. Here's our round-up from some of the top thinkers in the peak oil movement. James Howard Kunstler | What's happening in Japan now makes 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Macondo blowout look like … [Read more...]

Interview: Richard Heinberg, Post Carbon Institute

Richard Heinberg and Cow.

I sat down with Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow-in-Residence with the Post Carbon Institute, in late December via Skype to learn about his forthcoming book, The End of Growth, and to hear more about what he thinks lies ahead as energy declines accelerate and the world economy sinks further into recession. The transcript is almost exact, with only occasional and very slight edits for … [Read more...]

Profiles in urban homesteading

Sundari Kraft and Company

Across the Web yesterday, citified farmers united en masse to stake their claims to the age old art of urban homesteading. After reacting with horror and dismay over a move by the well-known Dervaes family of Pasadena, California, who issued an informational letter on their website—and to individual outlets—announcing that they had secured trademarks for the terms "urban homestead" and … [Read more...]

Peak oil’s voice in Congress about to get louder

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

One of just two Republicans in Maryland's House delegation, after the GOP takeover of the House in November Rep. Roscoe Bartlett stands ready to assume leadership on both energy and climate in the new Congress. An 18-year veteran of the House, Bartlett's seniority puts him in key positions on committees "at the fulcrum of two key debates in the 112th Congress -- on climate change and on the … [Read more...]

Michael Ruppert: To protect and serve

Mike Ruppert

It is said that the Lord works in mysterious ways. That in loss and failure we find our greatest blessings, if only we look. If only we press on. Substitute the word spirit for Lord, if you prefer. The idea is the same. That sometimes when we feel we've lost the most, we've only just begun to discover the best in ourselves. To meet our purpose. The deciding moment This was the case for … [Read more...]

Michael Ruppert, extended interview

Mike Ruppert and his dog

Editor's Note: The following is my extended interview with Michael Ruppert which took place for about 2 hours in late December via Skype. The text below is almost entirely complete, with just a few omissions for space, and a few additions for clarity. It's a long one, but interesting. So settle in and read up. In the text I jump right in, dispensing with writing our hellos. LC: You really … [Read more...]

Interview: Gail the Actuary

Gail Tverberg

"If I plant a garden and all my neighbors are starving, I'll have to share it with them and it's not going to go very far," says Gail Tverberg, known to readers of the Oil Drum as Gail the Actuary. "You have to solve the problem for the whole population." Maybe that's why Tverberg thinks that people who care about peak oil need to reach out beyond energy buffs to a larger public. "I hope … [Read more...]