How Pope Francis’s climate encyclical is liberating the world


In my life there are two things that have the effect of at least somewhat isolating me from others. The first is being a writer on climate change, peak oil, and the economic crises bound up with those modern predicaments. The other is being a Christian environmentalist. In the first case, my essays, as well as my social media presence, fairly well run counter to the whole of my society and … [Read more...]

Climate, food, and art

Urban Farming and Climate

There's less than 36 hours until Transition Voice editor Lindsay Curren's Kickstarter project — 31 Days of Urban Agriculture — ends. In Kickstarter's all-or-nothing crowd funding model, that means if Lindsay makes her goal, her project is funded. And if she doesn't, she loses all the pledges (and no backers are charged for their pledges, either). At almsot 60% funded, we think with your help, … [Read more...]

Women, energy, and voting


It was a pretty disappointing presidential campaign by the two major parties given that neither talked about my key issues — peak oil and global warming — with any passion or consistency. Both major parties seem content to avoid what are essentially the two toughest challenges today and going into the future. The issue behind all issues Yes, there's been plenty of red meat from both sides on … [Read more...]

Ten low-tech responses to storms and emergencies

Woman on bike in rain

We live in a world dependent on electricity and we forget that being dependent on something — however wonderful that thing is — makes you vulnerable. Even getting a back-up generator isn't a painless solution for household resilience. A medium-size generator can cost $50 or more per day in fuel to run. And just hope that your local gas stations don't lose power or sell out to panic buyers … [Read more...]

The stealth president: When climate change is the issue


By January of next year, Barack Obama will have been president for four years. We'll know by then whether or not he’ll be president for an additional four years. Election years are frequently a time of taking stock – talking about where we’ve been, how far we’ve come, how far we have yet to go. When a subject becomes taboo, as climate change very nearly has, the matter of taking stock becomes … [Read more...]

One hundred and thirty-eight in the shade

Excess baggage tag

According to Mark Twain, "civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities." We can hope western civilization is just about done with the mindless multiplication of anything, much less unnecessary nonsense. And we can, and should, work toward that goal. In light of the likely near-term extinction of Homo sapiens if western civilization maintains its current course, I'm an … [Read more...]

#23: No nonsense blogger Guy McPherson


Telling the bad news about a world on a crash course to doom ain't easy. Not only do few people want to face up to the manifold crises of our times, but it's also hard on the prophets and writers telling this story because they know all too well how few people are listening. But however hard it may be behind the scenes, scientist and writer Guy McPherson keeps coming back to tell it exactly … [Read more...]

Wake up call: Review of Apocalypse of the Barbarians

Book cover

Amid a cacophony of strident polemics, sensationalist tracts and shiny trivia that regularly passes for intellectual discussion, an author emerges who joins reason and passion, current events and deep history to create a very accessible, quietly powerful book that invites us to enter a timely and vital conversation. Sandy Krolick's Apocalypse of the Barbarians is a collection of short chapters … [Read more...]

Three paths to near-term human extinction

Out of time

About a decade ago I realized we were putting the finishing touches on our own extinction party, with the shindig probably over by mid-century. During the intervening period I've seen nothing to sway this belief, and much evidence to reinforce it. Yet the protests, ridicule, and hate mail reach a fervent pitch when I speak or write about the potential for near-term extinction of Homo sapiens. I … [Read more...]

Time to step up

350 Candles

Next on the climate change agenda: Durban, South Africa, the location of the next round of global climate talks. The first phase of the Kyoto Protocol expires next year, by which time a new agreement needs to have been reached. Climate agreements are important because the signatory nations commit to reaching certain goals by a certain time. This being the case, it's always a source of great … [Read more...]