2014 In and Out list

mushroom and hand

It's a sacred duty we take up at the beginning of the new year. Donning our psychic caps and tuning in to the Noosphere we delve deep into what really matters in crafting our annual "In and Out" list. And thank G-O-D that we do. Having again viewed what passes for mainstream "In and Out" lists — for example the list in the Washington Post — we can only hang our heads in shame knowing we share … [Read more...]

Four things that were better in 1899

Gibson print

It's no accident that the 1960 film adaptation of The Time Machine opens with host HG Wells welcoming four friends to a dinner party in London on January 5, 1900 to recount events that had occurred since he last met them, on New Year's Eve, 1899. What year could be more symbolic of the end of an era, for good or ill, than 1899? Since Americans worship at the altar of progress, we hardly need … [Read more...]

In the low-tech future, looking sharp, or not

manakins in window

With a sufficient supply of water and food secured, the next item on the list of basic material needs is clothing. The primary function of clothing is to keep us warm, and its secondary function, at least in our state of society, is to cover nakedness. However, those functions are all but forgotten in consumer societies today, where clothing’s purpose has evolved to become primarily about … [Read more...]