Inside America’s worst toxic waste cover-up

Josh and Rebecca Tickell

Film Review: The Big Fix exposes BP's efforts to minimize awareness of North America's biggest oil spill. In the weeks after the Deepwater Horizon platform exploded and oil began pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, filmmaker Josh Tickell was in touch with folks back home in Louisiana. The stories they told about the spill were very different from what he was hearing in the mainstream media. So … [Read more...]

Stopping species extinction — saving our bacon while saving our souls

wooly mammoth

"Animal rights" always seemed to me like one of the most contrived and implausible concepts to come out of the politically correct left in the last few decades. The idea conjured an image of urban hipsters whose main interface with wildlife was a fishbowl or hamster cage and who couldn't believe that pickup truck drivers out in the boonies still did retrograde things like huntin' and fishin'. … [Read more...]