You built that: 3 top strategies for resilience


President Obama aroused the GOP's ire for reminding business owners of the obvious point that their success relies in part on roads and bridges built at public expense. But the rest of us would do well not to place too much faith in big government in the uncertain times coming with peak oil, climate change and economic collapse. Whether you think we're facing another financial meltdown this … [Read more...]

Praying for rain, praying for collapse

saguaro cactus

Bone-dry Arizona wouldn't be my first pick as a site for an eco-community meant to weather peak oil and climate change. But that's exactly where Transition Voice columnist Guy McPherson has decided to "exit the empire" of contemporary American consumerism before it comes crashing down around the residents of America's biggest cities. With a couple friends, Guy fled unsustainable Tucson for … [Read more...]