The masculine, the feminine and the collapse of it all

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As modernity’s brief flight into the stratosphere of the industrial age begins its final descent, those who have not turned away from watching the inevitable hard landing will have few choices, but those who have chosen not to strap on the their oxygen masks and tighten their seatbelts will have fewer still. Fear is a big part of why people choose to remain asleep before the unveiling of the … [Read more...]

Ten low-tech responses to storms and emergencies

Woman on bike in rain

We live in a world dependent on electricity and we forget that being dependent on something — however wonderful that thing is — makes you vulnerable. Even getting a back-up generator isn't a painless solution for household resilience. A medium-size generator can cost $50 or more per day in fuel to run. And just hope that your local gas stations don't lose power or sell out to panic buyers … [Read more...]

Wyoming apocalypse plan: crazy or visionary?

I-80 in Wyoming

The media has been having some fun the last few days over a bill that passed the Wyoming House last week calling for the state to establish a "state continuity task force" to prepare the state for the unimaginable. House Bill 85 authorizes $16,000 to convene a panel to study how a variety of national emergencies could impact Wyoming, including an economic meltdown, disruptions in food and … [Read more...]

Aviation steps up for Japanese relief efforts

Navy helicopter

The devastating 9.0 earthquake last week in Japan and the resultant tsunami had an immediate effect on all aviation operations to, from, and in Japan. Departing flights were halted, incoming flights re-routed, and a number of domestic Japanese airports were damaged, notably the regional airport in Sendai, near the epicenter. Shutting off outgoing and incoming air traffic at all major airports … [Read more...]

Survival of the fittest

Mmmm, mmm, Red Cross cupcakes!

In a world where natural disasters multiply, infrastructure continues to decay, and the implications of peak oil darken the horizon like a gathering winter storm, planning for emergency response is essential for a community of any size. Emergencies happen.  Trouble can strike the best of people at the best of times.  However, the times ahead will be more challenging. The existing emergency … [Read more...]