Ten low-tech responses to storms and emergencies

Woman on bike in rain

We live in a world dependent on electricity and we forget that being dependent on something — however wonderful that thing is — makes you vulnerable. Even getting a back-up generator isn't a painless solution for household resilience. A medium-size generator can cost $50 or more per day in fuel to run. And just hope that your local gas stations don't lose power or sell out to panic buyers … [Read more...]

Emergency preparedness and letting go

memento mori

There is one central tenet within the Buddhist tradition that does not require an adherence to Buddhist philosophy in order to agree with it. That principle is impermanence, that everything, even the mountain that has stood there majestically through our lifetime, is in a constant state of change. One reason for impermanence being so central a concept within Buddhism is in order to generate a … [Read more...]