Faith and trust in the system is collapsing

bridge collapsed

I began reading Dimitry Orlov’s recent publication, The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit, last week and it has got me thinking about his thesis with respect to the revelations around the U.S. surveillance system being used globally by the-powers-that-be (both corporate and political), in combination with the ongoing exposure of manipulation of various markets and interest … [Read more...]

How oil crisis nearly shut down Europe in 2000

Hurricane Sandy gas line

A fascinating retrospective by Kathy McMahon, a clinical psychologist who blogs as “Dr. K., the Peak [oil] Shrink,” details the little known (in this country) and little remembered (anywhere) story of what happened when the oil supply of some industrial European countries was briefly interrupted by their own citizens. The breathtaking speed with which the grocery stores emptied, the gas stations … [Read more...]

Convergence: A novel of a catastrophic future

quarantine on plane

Below is an excerpt from Convergence: A Novel of a Catastrophic Future by Paul Boerger. The novel deals with a global collapse due to climate shift, endless wars and a global pandemic "converging" to end civilization. The piece below is a version of the book's Chapter 1 condensed by the author for Transition Voice. 2220 CE Post-convergence, North American survivor enclave “It appears,” said … [Read more...]

The natural limits of confronting our limits

television after the collapse

LOAVES AND FISHES This is not the age of information. This is not the age of information. Forget the news, and the radio, and the blurred screen. This is the time of loaves and fishes. People are hungry, and one good word is bread for a thousand. -David Whyte It’s Memorial Day, 2013, and I’m awaiting my flight to Denver from Baltimore. This year, re-entry from the Age of Limits … [Read more...]

You built that: 3 top strategies for resilience


President Obama aroused the GOP's ire for reminding business owners of the obvious point that their success relies in part on roads and bridges built at public expense. But the rest of us would do well not to place too much faith in big government in the uncertain times coming with peak oil, climate change and economic collapse. Whether you think we're facing another financial meltdown this … [Read more...]

Climate change a threat multiplier for global crisis

lightning storm

This article is re-posted, with permission, from R. Michael Conley's "Weathering the Storm" email newsletter, intended to explain the coming crisis brought on by climate change, peak oil and the economic crisis to business leaders. -- Ed. The forces of the perfect storm are intensifying; the danger more imminent. Its fury will intensify as colliding forces reach critical mass and trigger a … [Read more...]

Give me that doom time religion


I don't usually think of people interested in peak oil, climate change and economic collapse as particularly religious. "Spiritual" maybe -- Sufi dancing and Lakota Vision Quests are OK and agnosticism is better. But peak preppers are usually not the kind of folks you'd expect to see in the pews on Sunday at First Presbyterian. The Age of Limits conference held at the end of May offered some … [Read more...]

Five bummer problems that make societies collapse


"If anyone tells you that there's a single-factor explanation for societal collapse," says collapse guru Jared Diamond, "you know right away that they're an idiot. This is a complex subject." So, forget about peak debt, peak oil, peak climate, peak Harry Potter or even peak everything as the single most important problem that could bring today's whole pulsing, beaming and txt-mssgng mess down … [Read more...]

No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Interview: Dmitry Orlov


Though we've had Transition Voice for almost a year now, last month was the first time I talked to Russian-American peak oil and economic analyst Dmitry Orlov, whose popular website, Club Orlov, offers both his own thoughts, and a vigorous community of like-minded readers. Because Orlov takes a more skeptical, less forgiving look at collapse, I think I might have been tuning him out to a … [Read more...]

Smashing the melon of American complacency with the mallet of Russian grit

Gallagher smashing a watermelon.

Dmitry Orlov scares the crap out of me. The relentlessly doomerish boss of has become famous in peak oil circles for presiding over a kind of comedy club from hell where a rabid fan base celebrates the coming fall of the American Empire under the load of peak debt while devouring posts on such subjects as the future of sailing ships and ways for dead people to send text messages. … [Read more...]