90s TV show debunks Fox climate skeptics

Tucker Carlson.

Bow-tie wearing conservative commentator Tucker Carlson, who currently faces a firestorm from critics on the right and the left for saying that football player Michael Vick —the ex-con who served time for his part in an illegal dog-fighting ring—should have been executed, is also on the hot seat for a recent segment where he mocked climate scientists. Sitting in for equally befuddled Fox … [Read more...]

Low-tech for your resilience toolbox

German 19th century fireless cooker

In a world where iPhones, iPods and  iPads are everywhere and where dinner often means popping frozen mac and cheese into the microwave, pre-industrial ways of living may seem hopelessly quaint. But if you're concerned about peak oil, old tech can offer ways to increase personal and family resilience, if you're open to considering it. Can't you use less energy to do that? Lately, I've been … [Read more...]

Oh brother, not peak oil!

Blind railroad man in O' Brother Where Art Thou?

Part one in a four-part series. In the 2000 Coen brothers' comedy adventure O Brother, Where Art Thou?, a bit of wisdom shared near the start of the movie applies to more aspects of life than we might like to admit. In particular, it has relevance for how we talk about the peak oil predicament in today's media landscape. Editor's Note: This is the first installment in a four-part series on … [Read more...]

Unsung peak oil heroes of 2010

Nader rebel poster

Inspired by the Huffington Post's "Let's Hear It for the Unappreciated Heroes of 2010," we've compiled our own list of people who tried to help the world prepare for the imminent energy crisis by transitioning to an economy beyond oil. It goes without saying that the people we list below are tireless campaigners for a better world who deserve more attention. Some of them have already been on … [Read more...]

The Growler: Holiday drinkin’ guide

Arrogant Bastard Oaked

Hey, craft beer lovers! I don’t know about you but I can hardly believe 2010 is coming to an end. I find myself reflecting on what's been a rewarding but demanding year for me professionally and a bittersweet year personally. I look back at things lost and things gained, good-byes and hellos, and I realize I'm always a bit reflective at this time of year. This is of course enhanced by a mellow few … [Read more...]

Top 10 peak oil stories of 2010

Gulf oil spill

The biggest stories of the year were financial. But you could say that the continuing Great Recession, the deficit debate, and more and more mortgage defaults were really stories of energy-driven economic crisis. This year also had plenty of big stories directly on energy, including some breakthroughs on peak oil. Here are our top picks. It's a highly subjective list; so please chime in with any … [Read more...]

America in decline?


E. J. Dionne Jr.'s recent column in the Washington Post, "Can Obama Find His Morning in America?" notes an increasingly widespread domestic view that America is in decline. Dionne argues that such an infectious tumult could either cripple Obama or, alternatively, create an opportunity to right his presidency and recapture the confidence of the American people. What Obama needs, says Dionne, is … [Read more...]

Noah’s Ark no kind of escape plan

Noah's Ark afloat

Sometimes I feel like Noah in the sunny days before the rains came, when the neighbors still thought he was crazy for building the Ark. It can be hard to get people to open their minds to peak oil and all the changes it could bring to industrial society. So I can understand why some people who care about peak oil have decided to follow Noah’s example. They're making their own preparations while … [Read more...]

I’m dreaming of a peak oil Christmas


Here at the Transition Voice offices, where the thermostat hovers very low, and where we're wrapped in wool scarves and blankets as we type out the collapse narrative through our fingerless gloves, it's hard to imagine that Scrooge will be moved by the spirit of a Christmas present this year. But, while we're aware that people are hurting all over, not everyone is necessarily hurting in the same … [Read more...]

Keep gifts whimsical

solar toaster

If you've checked out our peak oil gift guide, we hope you've found something for everyone on your list who cares about peak oil. Here, artist Jonathan Plotkin has imagined some more fanciful ideas for low-carbon gift-giving this year for your enjoyment and inspiration. Happy peak holidays to you and all yours! [nggallery id=4] -- Jonathan Plotkin, Transition Voice … [Read more...]