Wendell Berry’s Jayber Crow and the loving community

Photo: Pen Waggener/Flickr.

What I saw now was the community imperfect and irresolute but held together by the frayed and always fraying, incomplete and yet ever-holding bonds of the various sorts of affection.  There had maybe never been anybody who had not been loved by somebody...It was a community always disappointed in itself, disappointed in its members, always trying to contain its divisions and gentle its meanness, … [Read more...]

We must be the change

chopping competition

As I observe people around me, I’ve been noticing a trend – most everybody, in theory -- wants to save the Earth.   The problem, however, is that far too few people are willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to ensure a livable future. Comforts and conveniences The appeal of constant financial progress, of fast food and perfectly temperature-controlled rooms is too great.  The ease of … [Read more...]

Managing the gray tsunami

Alone and Invisible no More

It is of no value to live twenty- or thirty-plus years beyond retirement and mostly just exist or worse yet, be waiting to die. – Dr. Allan S. Teel My parents died within two years of each other nearly thirty years ago, leaving me and my brother in that odd status of adult orphan. They were both in their late fifties, and as time marched on, I looked around at friends dealing with their … [Read more...]

A thousand points of dirt

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So, icecaps are melting, oil is surging and the economy is still in the tank. You've given up on Congress, you've lost faith in Obama and you aren't impressed with what's coming out of your statehouse these days. Whaddya gonna do? You could get ready for the collapse of society. Maybe pick up a few dozen cans of pork-n-beans at Safeway for the basement. Drive some cases of Remington .12 … [Read more...]

Japanese people reach out via Facebook

Peace Crane

I am currently in Ulgii City, Outer Mongolia. Televisions are reporting constant updates about developments in Japan. Many nomads here can pick this up because they have solar panels and satellite dishes to catch TV signals. Their simple model is a telling example of how low energy local resilience effectively meets global connectedness. The Mongolian president is on television promising … [Read more...]