The stealth president: When climate change is the issue


By January of next year, Barack Obama will have been president for four years. We'll know by then whether or not he’ll be president for an additional four years. Election years are frequently a time of taking stock – talking about where we’ve been, how far we’ve come, how far we have yet to go. When a subject becomes taboo, as climate change very nearly has, the matter of taking stock becomes … [Read more...]

Seven myths used to debunk peak oil, debunked

Peak oil deniers embrace Hydra

Peak oil is a fact, not a theory. From US conventional oil production peaking in 1970 to global conventional oil production peaking in 2006 the figures are indisputable. Even institutions such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) and publications like The Economist that are not known for alarmism have admitted that oil production from conventional sources has peaked. So why are there … [Read more...]

Teaching climate change denial

Never Mind the Science

Why would an organization call itself  The Heartland Institute (HI)? To me the heartland of America is our country’s center – the Midwest and the Great Plains. The stereotype of this region arouses pictures of farm country, where good, honest, hardworking folks lead sober, unsophisticated lives. My suspicion is that the HI would like to piggyback on the values just described. This is, of … [Read more...]

What’s really in and out for 2012

Romney at Bain Capital

Every year popular magazines and newspapers produce "In and Out" lists that make a claim to cultural prescience through boldly distinguishing what's jumped the shark from what's just about to become a break-out sensation. Trouble is, too often the ins and outs are totally predictable, being driven by the mainstream corporate culture and so-called style makers. What they're calling this year's … [Read more...]

#22: We push back on Beck (Limbaugh & Hannity too)


There are lots of websites out there covering climate change. Some of them even use humor. But when Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and other Fox News bloviators used record cold weather last winter as an excuse to bash climate science, Transition Voice was the only one to hit back with our own Global Warming Truth Index. It's a snarky parody that purports to show whether climate … [Read more...]

Wake up call: Review of Apocalypse of the Barbarians

Book cover

Amid a cacophony of strident polemics, sensationalist tracts and shiny trivia that regularly passes for intellectual discussion, an author emerges who joins reason and passion, current events and deep history to create a very accessible, quietly powerful book that invites us to enter a timely and vital conversation. Sandy Krolick's Apocalypse of the Barbarians is a collection of short chapters … [Read more...]

Different journeys in the same direction


A recent move brought me close to an old high school friend. Sue and I are both concerned about our food supply, produce gardens and preserve much of our own food. I live on a rented farm site, where I’ve planted an orchard and range chickens and geese for meat and eggs. My old farmhouse still has a root cellar in the basement, and we’ve installed a walk-in freezer in the barn. Sue lives in … [Read more...]

Think tank shills don’t just lie, they also plagiarize

Poster of the Great Gabbo

On Wednesday September 21st 2011, The Irish Examiner ran an editorial by Steven King (not the horror author) on the world reaching 7 billion people. And boy was it a doozy! All personal politics aside, the main problem with the article was that it was in many places a direct copy of a speech delivered by Brendan O’Neill, the editor of Spiked Online, at a debate at the Battle of Ideas in London … [Read more...]

Al Gore wants to heat up your summer

climate reality project slogan

Whatever you thought of his performance as Bill Clinton's vice president, you have to admit that there's no one on the planet who's done more to draw attention to climate change than Al Gore. And in his stubborn focus on global warming, Gore is blissfully old-fashioned. In many green circles, the topic has become passé. "Why unnecessarily irritate our conservative friends with this subject … [Read more...]

Holding back the tide on multiple fronts


How much longer can we hold back the flood? Both the physical floods of melting glaciers and rising seas and the information tides of unpleasant news — climate disaster, oil shortages, little infrastructural planning, and trenchant joblessness? A real deluge Recently I've been considering the huge amount of flooding that people are dealing with the world over. From the Indonesian and Japan … [Read more...]