Peak oil and climate change: hold your nose and vote

Obama at debate

At last night's third and final presidential debate, we heard about horses and bayonets, nukes and drones, Israel and Iran and whether we should just give up on Pakistan. But, for the first time since 1988, we didn't hear anything last night or in either of the two previous debates this year about climate change. As to energy, it came up much less in last night's foreign policy debate than … [Read more...]

Occupying your bookshelf

Occupy Wall Street library

To refute critics in the mainstream media who claim that the Occupy movement has no demands, Occupy! Scenes from Occupied America, edited by a team of activist editors including Astra Taylor and Keith Gessen, begins with a list of demands from organizers in an OWS planning meeting in New York. These range from the expected -- repealing Citizens United, debt forgiveness and a "Tobin" tax on … [Read more...]

Top 5 ways to Occupy Big Oil

big oil profits first quarter of 2011

Wall Street is the best immediate target for a huge protest movement, since it was the freewheeling gambling of big banks that pushed the economy over the edge in 2008 and started the Great Recession. Now, as Occupy movements pop up around the US and across the globe to draw attention to economic inequity and the government corruption that abets rule by the top 1%, Occupiers should not forget … [Read more...]

The American people are smarter than the corporate media wants us to know

Average American Family Infographic

Update: More sensible super-majority views of Americans If you watched the corporate media and listened to the political leadership you would think Americans are Tea Party members who oppose taxes, even on the wealthy, would deny health care to someone in need who does not have insurance and favor war, rather than the United Nations. But, in fact, as the polls below show the opposite is true on … [Read more...]

Fighting corporate power since 1776

Boston Tea Patry print

The Boston Tea Party, claims liberal talk radio host Thom Hartmann, wasn't really a protest against higher taxes and unrepresentative government. Instead, its target was the excessive power of a large corporation -- the British East India Company. In Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became "People" -- and How You Can Fight Back Hartmann explains that, at the behest of the East India … [Read more...]

Why corporate “free speech” means climate and peak oil doom

Screenshot from "The Story of Citizens United vs FEC"

"The corporations won't get out of our democracy until we the people get back in," says Annie Leonard in her new video on big money in politics. So keep fighting for renewable energy, green jobs, healthcare, safe products, and top-notch public education. But save some energy for the battle of our lifetimes. A battle that can open the door to solving all of these things. It's time to put the … [Read more...]