Will 2013 be the year globalization died?

Insourcing American Jobs conference

In The Campaign, last year's hilarious, potty-mouthed political romp with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, the Motch brothers (modeled of course on the Koch brothers) shovel piles of cash onto the campaign of Galifianakis's character Marty. Why? They want to build factories in his North Carolina congressional district, where they will employ Chinese workers at Chinese wages. They call it … [Read more...]

Lowering the speed limit for world economic growth

stop slow down sign

It seems everywhere you look these days economies are gearing down to much slower speeds. Indeed, some economies are already at a standstill (or even moving in reverse) and it’s likely more will soon follow. Whether it’s North America and Europe or even China and India, the story is much the same — the world’s largest economies are running out of gas. Despite the best efforts of central banks … [Read more...]

Not made in America

Made in USA image

"Here, look at this handsome L.L. Bean catalog and tell me what you want for Christmas," said a relative over Thanksgiving weekend. I started leafing through the 88 page cornucopia with hundreds of clothing and household products, garnished by free gift cards and guaranteed free shipping. I wasn't perusing it for any suggested gifts; instead, I was going through every offering to see whether it … [Read more...]

How Saudi oil could start World War III

The White House at night

"I want to go to war with China," said presidential hopeful Rick Santorum in a recent GOP debate, showing the cavernous lack of any good sense that has become his trademark. Nonetheless, Santorum was probably speaking for many Americans who fear that China may soon overtake the US as the world's single great power. By contrast, many of those same Americans probably think of Saudi Arabia, whose … [Read more...]

Excerpt: Lethal Trajectories

man with binoculars looking at warships

1 The year is 2017, and mankind is on a collision course with the perfect storm of all time. A finger is on the trigger in the East China Sea, and the blast to come will set off a chain reaction of catastrophic proportions. East China Sea 14 September 2017 Ensign Inoue Makita was bursting with energy as he rushed through his battle stations checklist aboard his beloved Harakaze. As a young … [Read more...]

Chinese billionaire crushes perfectly good Mercedes to protest driving

Chen crushing a Mercedes

To prepare for peak oil, I've argued that nations need to rely less on imports and bring their manufacturing back home. But here's an import from China that I'd like to see come to the West. In advance of China's National Car-Free Day in September, Chen Guangbiao, a flamboyant but green-friendly billionaire, staged a publicity stunt where he had a Mercedes-Benz sedan crushed. After an … [Read more...]

Asian power plants could take US drivers off the road


What’s more important to world oil demand -- gasoline prices in the U.S. that are nearly $4 a gallon, or power rationing in China? To Americans, of course, it’s the former. But to world oil markets, the latter may be a far more significant indication of where oil prices will be heading this summer. How did our gas get into their tanks? At today’s pump prices, it’s a safe bet U.S. gasoline … [Read more...]

China syndrome hits Japan


The meltdown of three reactor cores at Tokyo Electric’s Fukushima nuclear power station in the tsunami and earthquake devastated area of northeastern Japan is already reverberating around the world’s nuclear power industry. Just as many countries were looking for nuclear power to play a growing role in meeting their future energy needs, the world is suddenly looking at the biggest nuclear … [Read more...]

Record profits as corporations chuck US workers

made in china label

The latest job numbers were dismal, as US real unemployment remains near 20%. America now has about 25 million people either out of work or underemployed. At the same time, corporate profits in the third quarter of 2010 enjoyed the highest annual increase ever recorded. And even as they shed more and more American workers, taking in $1.7 trillion, American corporations were 28 percent more … [Read more...]

Peak oil’s voice in Congress about to get louder

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

One of just two Republicans in Maryland's House delegation, after the GOP takeover of the House in November Rep. Roscoe Bartlett stands ready to assume leadership on both energy and climate in the new Congress. An 18-year veteran of the House, Bartlett's seniority puts him in key positions on committees "at the fulcrum of two key debates in the 112th Congress -- on climate change and on the … [Read more...]