If Britain starts fuel rationing, could US be next?

gas rationing coupon

This week, a group of British MPs released a plan to start rationing fuel within the next ten years. Could the US follow suit? The plan calls for the government to issue an equal number of Tradable Energy Quotas to all British adults for free and to auction credits off to businesses and government agencies. The goal of TEQs would be to encourage conservation and to deal with any future energy … [Read more...]

China can slow global warming if the US won’t

Chinese grad students

Part one of a two-part series, "China and the Barbarians" I was in China when U.S. midterm elections caused some people to become more pessimistic about the fate of the planet and humanity. In contrast, I became more optimistic, for two reasons, both related to China. Here I explain the first reason for optimism. In an op-ed, "Chinese Leadership Needed to Save Humanity," published in the South … [Read more...]