Seven myths used to debunk peak oil, debunked

Peak oil deniers embrace Hydra

Peak oil is a fact, not a theory. From US conventional oil production peaking in 1970 to global conventional oil production peaking in 2006 the figures are indisputable. Even institutions such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) and publications like The Economist that are not known for alarmism have admitted that oil production from conventional sources has peaked. So why are there … [Read more...]

Young couple finds freedom in simple living

Smith and Strober

Peak oil isn't all about Saudi Arabia depletion curves and what's for lunch at the annual ASPO conference. In fact, may folks still don't know much about peak oil. I didn't know about it until recently. My casual online search for ideas about how to simplify my home led me, via Peak Moment, to so much more than I could ever have imagined. I found an episode about a couple who were simplifying, … [Read more...]

Education panel at ASPO-USA conference

Peak oil ed

Education was the theme of the second half of ASPO US's day four conversation seminars. The speakers in the first panel gave insight into how they reach people about resource depletion. Charles Hall, professor of Biophysical Economics at State University of New York, and ASPO crowd favorite, criticized economics departments for continuing to teach neo-classical economic theories that are … [Read more...]

Urge Obama to say “peak oil” on April 20

Flaring on the Deepwater Horizon

We all know that oil is the lifeblood of the world economy. But after last year's International Energy Agency report confirming that the world had passed the peak of conventional oil production in 2006, it's clearer than ever that peak oil is real, peak oil is here and peak oil poses a challenge to our whole way of life. And as the first anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill approaches … [Read more...]

Peak oil’s voice in Congress about to get louder

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett

One of just two Republicans in Maryland's House delegation, after the GOP takeover of the House in November Rep. Roscoe Bartlett stands ready to assume leadership on both energy and climate in the new Congress. An 18-year veteran of the House, Bartlett's seniority puts him in key positions on committees "at the fulcrum of two key debates in the 112th Congress -- on climate change and on the … [Read more...]

Unsung peak oil heroes of 2010

Nader rebel poster

Inspired by the Huffington Post's "Let's Hear It for the Unappreciated Heroes of 2010," we've compiled our own list of people who tried to help the world prepare for the imminent energy crisis by transitioning to an economy beyond oil. It goes without saying that the people we list below are tireless campaigners for a better world who deserve more attention. Some of them have already been on … [Read more...]

I’m dreaming of a peak oil Christmas


Here at the Transition Voice offices, where the thermostat hovers very low, and where we're wrapped in wool scarves and blankets as we type out the collapse narrative through our fingerless gloves, it's hard to imagine that Scrooge will be moved by the spirit of a Christmas present this year. But, while we're aware that people are hurting all over, not everyone is necessarily hurting in the same … [Read more...]

Editor’s Note: Holiday of crumbling cash

The future looks uncertain, indeed.

'Tis the season to grumble about the excesses and commercialization of our culture, to look back at where we've been in 2010 and to start planning for the coming year. For this reason we thought we'd pile on the anxiety -- but in a totally stress-busting way -- by tackling the subject of the economy in the December issue of Transition Voice. We hope you'll enjoy hearing the thoughts of leading … [Read more...]

Distance costs money: Interview with Jeff Rubin

oil barrels

Among the many compelling speakers at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO-USA) conference in Washington, DC this October, only a few gave keynote addresses to the attendees. Jeff Rubin, former chief economist at CIBC World Markets and author of Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller: Oil and the End of Globalization, was among that elite. His talk, "Oil and the End of … [Read more...]

Sex, lies and peak oil

Prelude by Kurt Cobb

BOOK REVIEW Prelude: A Novel about Secrets, Treachery and the Arrival of Peak Oil By Kurt Cobb Public Interest Communications, 270 pp, $14.95 From Pilgrim's Progress to Uncle Tom's Cabin to Atlas Shrugged, writing the didactic novel  has always been an exercise in sugaring the pill. Instead of crafting an essay to make a point straight out, the didactic novelist hopes to use characters … [Read more...]