Get ready for the next Big Lie from Big Oil

Did you think it was just an accident that conservatives seem so good at singing from the same hymnal on the issue du jour, whether it's privatizing social security, blaming the Dodd-Frank bill for Bank of America's (now cancelled) $5 debit card fee or defending Hermann Cain from sexual harassment charges? Well, it's not an accident. Whether it's El Rushbo, John Boehner or Michele Bachmann, … [Read more...]

Top 5 myths about subsidies to oil companies

Tar Sands Banner at Calgary Tower

Can the president who killed Osama bin Laden now stand up to Big Oil? Encouraged by comments made by House Speaker John Boehner that subsidies for oil and gas companies should be on the table, Democrats led by Montana Sen. Max Baucus last week revived their stalled effort to cut billions per year in taxpayer handouts to the largest oil companies. No surprise, Big Oil is not going gently into … [Read more...]

Big Oil: Obscene profits with subsidies on top


While the GOP House leadership seeks $60 billion in savings from programs including food-aid for pregnant women, public transportation and the EPA, Democrats say they can find most of that amount just from cutting oil subsidies. In his State of the Union address, President Obama proposed cutting nearly $40 billion worth of handouts to the oil and gas industry. All told, subsidies to fossil … [Read more...]