Ackerman and McPherson Dialogue: The idiot box

Couch potato

The following is the fifth in an ongoing dialogue (cyber-discussion) between two cultural philosophers and regular Transition Voice contributors, Dr. Sherry Ackerman and Dr. Guy McPherson. ACKERMAN:  We’ve been having a really intense winter up here in Mount Shasta, Guy. With five feet of snow currently on the ground, it’s been a challenge for us to not get cabin fever. Daylight hours are … [Read more...]

Ackerman and McPherson: Madness of the mainstream

Lunacy sign

The following dialogue continues an on-going cyber-discussion between two cultural philosophers, Dr. Sherry Ackerman and Dr. Guy McPherson. ACKERMAN: Wow! I don’t leave the homestead all that often. And, when I do, I don’t go that far. But, today I had occasion to venture out into mainstream culture for the afternoon and I was flabbergasted. The mainstream has never been my thing, but, Guy, … [Read more...]

Money can’t buy you love


Guy McPherson and Sherry Ackerman are back with us to continue dialoguing about individual components of sustainable living. In this dialogue, they take a long, hard look at money. Ackerman: Guy, I can’t seem to get past the fact that human beings are the only species that have to pay to live on the Planet. Every other species lives on Earth for free. What do you make of this? McPherson: It … [Read more...]

Ackerman and McPherson dialog: Practical paths to a post-carbon lifestyle


The following dialog is a continuation of one started by Drs. Sherry Ackerman and Guy McPherson a few weeks ago on Transition Voice. In that discussion, Ackerman and McPherson laid out some philosophical considerations about the need for a transition to more locally-based economies of human scale along with a deeper reverence for and consideration of the natural world that we share with … [Read more...]

Ackerman and McPherson: A dialogue on finding authenticity


Transition Voice writers Guy McPherson and Sherry Ackerman have some things in common. They both got PhDs, taught and did research at universities and then left the ivory tower, deciding, as Socrates did, to take their message to the streets. And their common concern is how to live in a way that's not a lie in our time of climate change, peak oil and economic and cultural crisis. McPherson’s … [Read more...]