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Transition Voice is a non-profit web magazine staffed entirely by volunteers. Our writers are the heroes that make it possible for us to cover peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis with a fresh perspective.

Edgy, not stodgy

Our readers come to Transition Voice for smart, provocative takes on issues around energy depletion presented in a way that’s accessible and engaging, often with a sense of humor. Our audience enjoys online forums on peak oil but also likes Stewart and Colbert. We try to bridge the gap.

Some people apparently think that credible = boring. But they’re not our readers. And there are plenty of other places online where you can find long pieces filled with industry jargon, oil depletion graphs or yard-long discussions of statistics on barrels-per-day.

That’s not us. If it’s not you either, then why not send us something? We’re looking for articles, reviews, photos, cartoons and video in all of our departments:

  • Energy — fossil fuels, renewables, conservation
  • Ecology — global warming, peak everything
  • Economy — jobs, business, and finance in an age of contraction
  • Transition — analysis of the movement’s significance, stories about trends in Transition and how-to/re-skilling articles
  • Reviews  — book, movie, and website reviews
  • Spirit — religion and faith, spiritual practices to deal with our societies in transition
  • Politics — the good, the bad and the ugly in government and activism

Helping strong writing reach its potential

All our articles are edited. Led by a former editor with, our editorial team makes sure that all pieces match our format (AP Style, US English), inserts links and sharpens prose to make pieces more readable, accessible and engaging. We also select all art in-house. So you need to be up for that if you send us something to consider.

Also, we prefer original pieces (not yet published anywhere except perhaps your personal blog). However, if your piece hasn’t been seen by most of our audience yet somewhere else, we might consider it. If you’d like to send us something, please contact us.

And thanks for your interest. We’d love to hear from you.