Joel Salatin: How food can restore America’s integrity

Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin originally published this article in the spring 2015 Polyface Farms newsletter. We run the piece here with Joel's permission. -- Ed. While I was in Australia in February, imported Chinese raspberries carrying Hepatitis A (from human sewage) hospitalized a dozen people and heightened interest in my seminars to a fever pitch. The news media and individuals fell over themselves trying … [Read more...]

Earth shelters: Building an eco-friendly bunker

earth bunker

A bit of a departure from our usual fare, here's something for the survivalist in all of us and especially for those folks lucky enough to have some land, preferably in a rural area. -- Ed. Most of us have a proverbial "plan-B," or at least a rough idea of how we would protect ourselves and our families in the event of an emergency. Having a temporary safe haven is at the top of the list. … [Read more...]

Bugging out from Boston to Vermont

Shopping is better in the Boston area, but Vermont is better for simple living. Photo: Matt Chan/Flickr.

My wife Sarah and I are moving to Vermont. I’ve been studying climate change and its interconnected problems for a year, and my research has brought me to the conclusion that a time of tremendous scarcity and uncertainty is upon us. So we've decided that it’s time to get started building a different, more resilient kind of life. When I first began understanding the magnitude of the changes … [Read more...]

Climate, food, and art

Urban Farming and Climate

There's less than 36 hours until Transition Voice editor Lindsay Curren's Kickstarter project — 31 Days of Urban Agriculture — ends. In Kickstarter's all-or-nothing crowd funding model, that means if Lindsay makes her goal, her project is funded. And if she doesn't, she loses all the pledges (and no backers are charged for their pledges, either). At almsot 60% funded, we think with your help, … [Read more...]

Get ready for farms in cities, from skyscrapers to vacant lots

Computer-run automated skyscrapers of hydroponic farms. The future of urban agriculture? Image: Lindsay Curren "31 Days of Urban Agriculture."

Over the past month perhaps you've seen my Kickstarter campaign to fund the poster art show called 31 Days of Urban Agriculture. During the time I've been on the fundraising mission I've continued to do the art for the show and, behind the scenes, to continue researching the issue and writing the essays that will be in the show chapbook. One of the things that's been most surprising for me … [Read more...]

Win a DVD of new film on Transition

still from Voices of Transition

To celebrate the upcoming international release of he new award-winning documentary Voices of Transition and through the generosity of our friends over at Milpa Films in Germany, we're able to offer two Transition Voice readers the chance to win a DVD of this inspiring and entertaining film. Global environmental trends -- climate change, peak oil and food insecurity -- are forcing us to … [Read more...]

Transition to a world made by hand

ACity bees2

Peak oil commentator of Archdruid fame John Michael Greer, who foresees an inevitable if gradual collapse for industrial society, advises the equally doomstruck to "collapse now and avoid the rush." It's good advice and I've taken it to heart. Transition girl About six years ago I moved to the small (but widely-hailed) city of Staunton, Virginia. Shortly afterwards, I helped start our … [Read more...]

Transition Voice is back

hand typing on keyboard

This is a story we probably should have done a few months ago, in February, when we decided to put Transition Voice on hiatus for a few months. But honestly, we didn't want to clutter your email boxes with news that we thought wouldn't interest anyone besides ourselves. Apparently, we were mistaken. Earlier this week, we published our first new story since February, Gerri Williams's review … [Read more...]

Peak oil and the ignorance of crowds

crowd looking up

As our civilization proceeds down the slope of the post-peak-oil curve, global trade will become more and more expensive, so our economies will naturally localize. The energy-efficiency benefits of localized economies are obvious to us, but there are also social and even psycho-social benefits that aren’t often contemplated. I had the good fortune to work with respected crowd-behavior expert … [Read more...]

A date with Death, over coffee

coffee cup

“I have an appointment with death this evening,” I explained, smiling to friends upon leaving them. Their startled faces revealed feelings such as fear and a lack of understanding. While living in Mexico, their Day of the Dead became my favorite holiday. I especially liked celebrating it in traditional villages, like Tepotzlan. The whole town seemed to go to the cemetery that night. Morbid? Not … [Read more...]