The best books on peak oil, climate disruption, economic crisis, and the ways to deal with each as a society and on a personal, family, or community level.

In the face of collapse, neither polyanna nor doomer

collapsed pyramid

Carolyn Baker writes with passion, insight and courage about a topic that most people turn away from – the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of what she and many others call "collapse." Collapse is the convergence in our times of economic unraveling, resource depletion and human created climate instability that could bring the destruction of the world economy, major governments or … [Read more...]

This old trick used by climate science deniers still works

doubt graffitti

Public relations firms are expensive, but for big corporations doing bad stuff to the public, PR is a good investment. For more than half a century, PR guys have been smart in shielding their corporate clients from harm, earning their fees many times over by helping keep profits high for corporate poisoners and corporate polluters. Take cigarettes, for example. In the 1980s and 1990s, after … [Read more...]

Surviving climate chaos: Shelter in place or flee to safety?

Yellowknife street

As scientists continue to revise their climate predictions for the worse, it's clear that the time has passed for the world to avoid serious consequences from global warming. With superstorms and floods competing with droughts and wildfires to break records somewhere around the world year-round, the weather is already getting pretty weird. So now, the real question is how best to prepare for … [Read more...]

Growing up from the need to always grow

economic growth

In the Western World, growth is our mantra.  Our schools, our religions, our governments, our businesses, all our institutions bombard us with the same message that to be all that we are meant to be means we have to grow. Growth in and of itself can be a good thing, but unfortunately the growth that can be our doom is material growth, which has limits. So instead of thinking for … [Read more...]

‘The Giving Tree’ a heartbreaking classic for kids and adults

Photo: hsld.

Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree is a  love story between a boy and a tree that turns dysfunctional in the end. Like all the best children's books, The Giving Tree isn't just for kids. And given what industrial society is doing to the Earth, Silverstein's story, which first came out in 1964, is more relevant for adults today than it ever was. When the boy was little he spent his … [Read more...]

The real torture is not knowing

roller coaster

In the age of catastrophic climate change, and two years following the horrifying meltdown of reactors at Fukushima’s nuclear power plant, we realize that both phenomena are profoundly impacting our species and the earth community. What we don’t know with certainty is the exact extent of the damage being done. In Alex Smith’s recent Radio Ecoshock interview with Robert Way of the University … [Read more...]

Faith and trust in the system is collapsing

bridge collapsed

I began reading Dimitry Orlov’s recent publication, The Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors’ Toolkit, last week and it has got me thinking about his thesis with respect to the revelations around the U.S. surveillance system being used globally by the-powers-that-be (both corporate and political), in combination with the ongoing exposure of manipulation of various markets and interest … [Read more...]

Hopium for the masses, renewable energy edition

fuel cell car

As Derrick Jensen points out, this "culture as a whole and most of its members are insane." For my part, I continue to be surprised at the number of people who believe in infinite growth on a finite planet. I continue to be amazed at the number of people who believe a politician cares about them, and that their favorite politician will act in their best interests. I continue to be surprised … [Read more...]

Deserts, non-native species and the Second Genesis

una muerte anunciada

When Zen farmer Masanobu Fukuoka proposed that military bombers of his native Japan be used to drop balls made of seeds for hundreds of plant species over the world's desert areas in order to revegetate them, housewives and children around the country started sending Fukuoka donations of seeds. Though his dream of a vegetation air force has yet to become a reality, Fukuoka's book  Sowing Seeds … [Read more...]

Finding wild mind can keep us from losing our minds

A tree around the corner

We know it in our bones, as well as our brains – the enormity of the times we live in, the cultural and environmental challenges, the opportunity to re-vision a human culture living in harmony with our planet. As we become aware of the scope of these challenges, we may move from asking “how can I and my family best survive” to “what is the best contribution I can make to these times and for … [Read more...]