Ways to reduce and prepare for climate change, while conserving peak natural resources and preventing pollution and waste.

Relying on the Government will Make Climate Change Worse

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Twenty-five years ago, existentialism was a hot piece of intellectual property. A literate public was buying up such books as William Barrett’s Irrational Man: A Study in Existential Philosophy and Viktor Frankl’s From Death Camp to Existentialism (later republished under the title Man’s Search for Meaning). American psychologists were being introduced to the movement by a brilliant … [Read more...]

In films about climate change, the medium is the wrong message

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If you'd like, I'm what you'd call an ex-(aspiring) filmmaker, an early vanguard of what promises to be, in one way or another, an eventual mass exodus from the film and television industries. I won't go into my reasoning behind film and television's future demise here, but suffice to say, if left to its own devices, the future of film and television is in the hands of peak oil and the collapse of … [Read more...]

Peak oiler? Not Catholic? You should still stand with the pope on climate

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I get it, you believe in peak oil. So do I, despite gas at $2.50 a gallon. But peak oil is no excuse for either you or me to just sit around waiting for the final oil crash to make the climate problem moot by bringing down industrial civilization. Even if you're the world's biggest doomer, you have to admit that the timing is too uncertain -- will the über-crash come in five months or five … [Read more...]

Despite drought, California is still bottling water for export

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There is an old saying “as goes California, so goes the nation.” If that is true, I would say that the nation had best strap on its seat-belt for some hard-times ahead -- and some battles over resources between ordinary citizens and big corporations. California is currently four years into the worst drought in recorded history. While the word "drought" gives the impression that this is a … [Read more...]

Climate change makes normal winter seem cold

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Damn this horrible weather! What a nasty winter we're having, eh? There has been a lot of complaining about the cold and the snow this winter. You can’t open your Facebook feed without hearing about the “unusual winter” and people’s personal gripes with the weather in their area. The polar vortex that dunked much of the country into unusually cold weather for a few weeks was, admittedly, … [Read more...]

This old trick used by climate science deniers still works

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Public relations firms are expensive, but for big corporations doing bad stuff to the public, PR is a good investment. For more than half a century, PR guys have been smart in shielding their corporate clients from harm, earning their fees many times over by helping keep profits high for corporate poisoners and corporate polluters. Take cigarettes, for example. In the 1980s and 1990s, after … [Read more...]

Surviving climate chaos: Shelter in place or flee to safety?

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As scientists continue to revise their climate predictions for the worse, it's clear that the time has passed for the world to avoid serious consequences from global warming. With superstorms and floods competing with droughts and wildfires to break records somewhere around the world year-round, the weather is already getting pretty weird. So now, the real question is how best to prepare for … [Read more...]

Only geo-engineering can reverse climate change — too bad it won’t work

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In September, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), among the most conservative scientific organizations on Earth, issued a report concluding that global warming is irreversible without geo-engineering. Yet, as Earth System Dynamics recently pointed out, known strategies for geo-engineering are unlikely to succeed and that "climate geo-engineering cannot simply be used to undo … [Read more...]

Popular holistic health site veers into climate science denial

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I've been sharing stories from for easily the last year or more. But I will never do so again after having read editor Mike Adams's bat-shit crazy screed against climate change. Normally I would've just "unliked" his Facebook page, which boasts 830K+ fans (and I did), and just left it at that. But the depth of Adams's prevarication on climate calls for much more, especially … [Read more...]

I’m going to tell better stories for the earth in 2014

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The big issue for me in 2014 is climate change. It's scary to hear that it's getting worse faster than anybody had predicted. It's frustrating that plenty of people still don't care. And it's confusing that even those who do care disagree on how bad it will get and what, if anything, we can do about it at this late date. It could be that humanity is doomed. Melting ice caps and glaciers, … [Read more...]