Short takes by our regular writers on news, trends and happenings on the economy, politics, energy and culture from a Transition perspective.

#2: Views from the boonies


There's been a town-and-country gap in the industrial world for a century or more. But today, with most people living in big cities, the media gives precious little thought to people who live on farms or in small towns and villages. But you can't build resilience for a modern nation in Los Angeles or in London's Camden borough alone. The genius of the Transition movement in particular has been … [Read more...]

#9: We stand up for freedom


Some people who care about peak oil think that government doesn't matter. Washington, Ottawa, London and all the rest are so clueless and corrupt about energy depletion, why even bother with politics? Just wait for the whole house of cards that is industrial civilization to come crashing down and government will become a bad dream. We agree that too many government officials are on the … [Read more...]

#10: The camera doesn’t lie


In the words of Stanley Kubrick's cult classic A Clockwork Orange, we like to "viddy well, my droogs." That means we like to watch the movies. And just as in our perks with books, watching movies comes with the territory of running a magazine because we need to — and want to — review documentaries (and other films) for you. It's always so exciting when a new documentary comes in the mail and we … [Read more...]

#11: The kids are not alright


There are so many times that the plea to do it "for the sake of the kids" is trotted out that the phrase has lost most of its meaning. There was an election in West Virginia when the phrase was used by the coal industry to unseat a judge who ruled against mountaintop removal coal mining. The idea was that the few miners who were left with jobs after mechanization replaced most miners still … [Read more...]

#12: Farm to fork

12th reason

One of the bright spots in the whole peak oil and climate change narrative is that a pronounced relationship to nature may be returning to the Western world after too many years of alienation from the land, seasons, and cycles of life. It's been our pleasure over the last 15 months to bring you stories of back-to-the land movements in film reviews, recipes, community gardens, urban … [Read more...]

#13: Putting technology in its place


Sure, we publish exclusively on the Inter-webs. We use Facebook and Twitter and we feel guilty for not doing more with Google+ yet. And we see that technology can be useful, within limits. But we also don't worship the golden calf of the techno-fix. This causes us no end of spats with our friends. For example, friends with mainstream environmental groups who promote the green economy. Sure, … [Read more...]

#16: Eye candy


One of the big motivators for starting Transition Voice was the desire to tell the peak oil story in a way that would resonate with a wider audience. We wanted to help people who care about the environment  and energy to see that there's not decades more of cheap oil as the deepwater drillers and shale boosters want everyone to believe. We wanted to make them care about transitioning to cleaner … [Read more...]

#17: Voluntary Simplicity


One of the most important objectives here at Transition Voice is our aim to connect the dots between economy, lifestyle, and the impacts in the world that are stressing our shared (common) systems as well as the ecosystems of the world in their own right. As advocates of clean energy, low-impact local living whenever possible, and personal conservation efforts, we encourage a way of life in … [Read more...]

#18: Telling the Transition story


We're huge fans of the Transition movement. We love it so much, we even put the word in our name. And while many folks within and outside of the Transition movement proper are talking about a transition to the post-fossil fuels economy/society/culture, it's an idea that still needs more traction in the wider world if we're to avoid the worst fallout of the converging crises of peak oil, global … [Read more...]

#20: Readers’ writers

Reason 20

One of the perks of running a newspaper or magazine is getting a bunch of free stuff sent to you to try out. The hopes of people who publish books, film documentaries and make stuff is that you'll try their product and give it a good write-up. On the one hand, of course, freebies are great. What we can't use for Transition Voice reviews, we're able to offer as door prizes at our local … [Read more...]