It is meet and right so to do

World Go Vegan Week banner

Among the many things that add to my humble good fortune in life, I can claim to live just eight miles or so from Joel Salatin's world famous Polyface Farms. That means delicious local meats and eggs raised bio-dynamically and with a great respect for the earth and ecology. As the Polyface website says, "We are in the redemption business: healing the land, healing the food, healing the … [Read more...]

Book and product reviews

Rally to Restore Sanity Banner

Mr. Delivery Man just dropped off our review copy of Jon Stewart's Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race. Yay, we'll read it on our way to and from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Keep Fear Alive where we'll be reporting live (blogging, video, & tweeting) about the rally at the National Mall. If you see your friendly Transition Voice crew there, be sure to tell us your … [Read more...]

New D.C. vegan restaurant review

Cafe Green

When we were in DC for the ASPO conference we were so glad to get out each night to enjoy the wide offering of restaurants. Here in Staunton, Virginia, where we produce Transition Voice, we've got a lot of cool cultural amenities, with some amazing locavore restaurants in particular. But only a little bit that's vegan, and even less international. Before heading up, I Googled to find out … [Read more...]

ASPO conference was so worth it

Peak Oil Picture

We're back from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil's 2010 conference with twice the already obsessive passion we have for this issue. If you find yourself ready to bump up your commitment to peak oil education, advocacy, and outreach, you should plan now to attend next year's conference. Here's what you'll get: A raft of international experts who generously deliver top notch … [Read more...]

Peak oil, national security, and you

Girl With Gun

LIVE REPORT For a girl who barely knows how to hoist and aim our double barreled shotgun (and who can only hit the broadside of a barn door), I get such an inexplicable kick out of hearing about and talking about peak oil as a key national security issue. Perhaps it just seems so obvious to me, and an easy sell for those who might otherwise be resistant to accepting and acting on peak … [Read more...]

Post Carbon Reader Session

Cover of the new Post Carbon Reader

Sitting in on the Post Carbon Reader session was particularly exciting, just learning about all the thoughtful, learned individuals who contributed to the reader. This session included former Huntington Beach, California councilwoman Debbie Cook, who moderated and spoke briefly on how to create successes in local government (we'll have more from her later). Daniel Lerch, the Post Carbon … [Read more...]

Live blogging from ASPO conference 2010

ASPO-USA Peak Oil Conference 2010

Hi Readers, Geeks like us have an inordinate amount of fun listening to people talking about peak oil not just for one day, but for days on end. That's why we're at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil Conference 2010, in Washington D.C. If you're equally geeky, you can follow our adventures here by tuning into our live blogging over these three days. Join our Facebook and Twitter feeds … [Read more...]

Here comes the sun

Jimmy Carter with solar panels at the White House circa mid 70s.

Even small gestures have a measurable impact. And symbolism counts. That's why it was so refreshing to hear that President Obama took to heart the pleas of three young women from and agreed to re-install solar panels on the White House. President Jimmy Carter was the first US president to adopt solar panels, and then Ronald Reagan removed them. (Now that wasn't very morning in … [Read more...]

Editor’s note: Peak oil ready for the mainstream?

Lindsay Curren, Editor, Transition Voice Magazine.

Welcome to the premiere issue of Transition Voice, the new online magazine covering the predicaments of peak oil, climate change, economic crisis, and the the Transition movement's response. Transition Voice is a project of Transition Staunton Augusta, the 61st Transition initiative in the United States, located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. But that's just where we live and work—the … [Read more...]

It takes a village to raise the world

Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the worldwide Transition Town Network. Photo: Stephen Prior

For a guy who set out in 2005 to help his small Irish village move toward an economy beyond fossil fuels and ended up spawning a world wide movement that in five short years has lead to 323 Transition groups around the world, Rob Hopkins sure is humble and unassuming. We sat down recently with the no-fly-zone leader for an interview via Skype straight to the beating heart of the Transition … [Read more...]