Bugging out from Boston to Vermont

Shopping is better in the Boston area, but Vermont is better for simple living. Photo: Matt Chan/Flickr.

My wife Sarah and I are moving to Vermont. I’ve been studying climate change and its interconnected problems for a year, and my research has brought me to the conclusion that a time of tremendous scarcity and uncertainty is upon us. So we've decided that it’s time to get started building a different, more resilient kind of life. When I first began understanding the magnitude of the changes … [Read more...]

For the sake of the climate, just let go

remote controls

Ours is a world of increasing control. Control over our environment, our citizens, and the very building blocks of life. Culturally we learn to think of control as a good thing. Yet I put to you it is exactly this pursuit of control that creates most of the world's systemic problems, climate change included. That means at its root, climate change isn’t a technological or economic problem but s a … [Read more...]

The high price of materialism

shopping carts

A war on climate change is a war on materialism, plain and simple. The carbon pollution spewing out of our power plants and tail pipes is a natural byproduct of the monstrous engine of economic growth we have built, an engine that exists solely to satisfy the demand our materialism creates. Indeed this demand is so great that if everyone in the world lived like Americans, we’d need 4 whole Earths … [Read more...]

The answer to climate change

this is climate change screen

When I give these climate talks, by the end people are typically agitated and full of questions. “What technology is going to fix this?” “How are we ever get people to agree on a solution?” “I’m just one person, what could I possibly do that would make an impact?” My answers often catch people a little off guard: I try to instill that more important than any technical fix is a cultural change, … [Read more...]

The economy isn’t coming back

recession space

Presently Americans wait with bated breath, watching sales numbers and unemployment statistics, grasping for signs that an economic recovery is underway. We search for signals that indicate we’re growing, that there will be a job for everyone who wants one, and that the United States will resume the prosperity and standing in the world it once had. We wait in vain. The economy isn’t … [Read more...]

The climate speech he should have given

Climate protest poster

At the end of June, President Obama gave his first major address on climate change to the nation. While many environmentalists jumped for joy, I found myself singularly unimpressed — the speech lacked any real sense of urgency, and it was mired in the same plodding, informative language that convinces few people of the seriousness of the problem, much less compels them to act. So I decided to … [Read more...]

You must believe: how climate change is like the Boston Celtics

Kendrick Perkins

In February 2011, the Boston Celtics were riding high. They had the best record in the Eastern conference going in to the All-Star break and were already thinking ahead to the playoffs. Then came the call: their center, Kendrick Perkins, was being traded away. It was quite a blow…Perkins was a cornerstone of their 2008 championship team, and was loved like a brother inside the locker room. In the … [Read more...]

Peak Wall Street coming this year?

Hindenberg crash

While I focus primarily on climate change, the problem is so interwoven with the machinery of the global economy that I end up absorbing a lot of economic information as a byproduct. Lately this financial chatter has been particularly hair-raising, and as much as it pains me to be the constant alarmist, I’d be remiss if I saw danger on the horizon and didn’t warn people. So here … [Read more...]

Republican renaissance through climate change

Image: mariopiperni/Flickr.

The Republicans are a party in crisis. Having lost the election, they're now wracked with internal strife and prospects for a turnaround in the near term appear dim. The primary reasons for this decline are demographic: their values, platform, and policies are now dangerously out of sync with the mainstream, and diverging further every year. Exploring this divergence could fill an article of its … [Read more...]

The climate change mountaintop

Climbers on Mt. Blanc

These days I tend to beat myself up for screwing around; my biggest time sinks are video games (I never did quite kick my Civilization 5 habit) and television (my beloved Boston Celtics are kind of out in the wilderness). The reason, I think, is that I’ve internalized the threat of climate change. I feel it in my guts, hanging over me, demanding a response…so naturally any leisure time I afford … [Read more...]