Snug and smug with solar power: keeping on the sunny side of the storms

Solar House

So hate me. All around me, millions of people are losing electric power as trees and other inappropriate objects crash down on powerlines. It doesn’t matter anymore what storm it is. At least three recent storms of apocalyptic dimensions have slammed into the east coast, and more record-breaking ferocity is being predicted. Traffic lights don’t work. Stores can’t process credit and debit … [Read more...]

Electric power to the people!

bus with "off the grid" painted on the side

It's a gorgeous day full of singing birds and sunlight. Beautiful, streaming sunlight. Soon the photovoltaic system that added some aggression to my passive solar house in the mountains of western Virginia will be one year old, the time of reckoning. Getting off the grid has always been nirvana for 1970s back-to-the-landers like me. With net-metering - a 21st century update of the dream - … [Read more...]