Anwyn Cook

Three French hens

Farmyard Fowls by painter John James Audubon.

In response to a European Union directive to divert waste from landfills, local governments across the continent have had to come up with ways to meet the target goals or else face large fines. In France, the microscopic town of Pincé (population: 206) has come up with a particularly creative and logical solution: Backyard chickens for all. What originally began as a joke, according to the … [Read more...]

La vie en verte (a life in green)

Marion Cotillard

At the 80th Academy Award ceremony in 2008, the nominations for Best Actress included Cate Blanchett, Julie Christie, Laura Linney, and Ellen Page; all actresses that American audiences were relatively familiar with. But when Forest Whitaker tore open the famous white envelope and called out “And the Oscar goes to...Marion Cotillard!” many viewers at home likely hesitated with their … [Read more...]

A different kind of ecotourism


Twelve months, fifty states, three rules. No more than one shoebox of garbage can be compiled each month, including recyclable materials. No incandescent light. Approximately twenty-five gallons of water per day, per person. This is the basic premise behind Mark Dixon’s inspiring documentary Yert: Your Environmental Road Trip. Hitting the road Dixon, along with couple Ben and Julie … [Read more...]