Unsung peak oil heroes of 2010

Nader rebel poster

Inspired by the Huffington Post's "Let's Hear It for the Unappreciated Heroes of 2010," we've compiled our own list of people who tried to help the world prepare for the imminent energy crisis by transitioning to an economy beyond oil. It goes without saying that the people we list below are tireless campaigners for a better world who deserve more attention. Some of them have already been on … [Read more...]

Top 10 peak oil books of 2010

open book

Having read enough books with Hubbert curves and charts of barrels-per-day to last us until the second Bristol Palin administration, we're now into powerful stories that explore peak oil through suspense, romance and humanity. But so you won't feel guilty having so much fun at the expense of the whole premise of industrial civilization, we've thrown in some more fact-y tomes too. Peak oil … [Read more...]

Top 10 peak oil stories of 2010

Gulf oil spill

The biggest stories of the year were financial. But you could say that the continuing Great Recession, the deficit debate, and more and more mortgage defaults were really stories of energy-driven economic crisis. This year also had plenty of big stories directly on energy, including some breakthroughs on peak oil. Here are our top picks. It's a highly subjective list; so please chime in with any … [Read more...]

Interview: Gail the Actuary

Gail Tverberg

"If I plant a garden and all my neighbors are starving, I'll have to share it with them and it's not going to go very far," says Gail Tverberg, known to readers of the Oil Drum as Gail the Actuary. "You have to solve the problem for the whole population." Maybe that's why Tverberg thinks that people who care about peak oil need to reach out beyond energy buffs to a larger public. "I hope … [Read more...]

Noah’s Ark no kind of escape plan

Noah's Ark afloat

Sometimes I feel like Noah in the sunny days before the rains came, when the neighbors still thought he was crazy for building the Ark. It can be hard to get people to open their minds to peak oil and all the changes it could bring to industrial society. So I can understand why some people who care about peak oil have decided to follow Noah’s example. They're making their own preparations while … [Read more...]

Goldman is the root of all evil

GRIFTOPIA by Matt Taibi

BOOK REVIEW Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America By Matt Taibbi Spiegel & Grau, 272 pp, $24 If you care about peak oil, it's natural to connect resource depletion to economic crisis. And if you're growing increasingly impatient about the failure of government and the mainstream media to accept peak oil as a major challenge or even … [Read more...]

Sex, lies and peak oil

Prelude by Kurt Cobb

BOOK REVIEW Prelude: A Novel about Secrets, Treachery and the Arrival of Peak Oil By Kurt Cobb Public Interest Communications, 270 pp, $14.95 From Pilgrim's Progress to Uncle Tom's Cabin to Atlas Shrugged, writing the didactic novel  has always been an exercise in sugaring the pill. Instead of crafting an essay to make a point straight out, the didactic novelist hopes to use characters … [Read more...]

You can love city hall

Communities, Councils and a Low-Carbon Future

BOOK REVIEW Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future: What We Can Do If Governments Won't By Alexis Rowell Transition Books, 240 pp, $18 and up in the USA As an American, reading Communities, Councils and a Low Carbon Future: What We Can Do If Governments Won't was just another reminder of how far ahead of us the British are on energy and green issues. Until I read Rowell's book, I … [Read more...]

Bianca Jagger on human rights and peak oil

Bianca Jagger at a protest in London

Human rights activist Bianca Jagger faced down a death squad in Honduras in the 1980s. Now, she's set her sights on peak oil, climate change and polluting corporations. Jagger spoke at the ASPO-USA conference in Washington, DC in October. Afterwards, she agreed to talk to us about the relationship between human rights and energy, why Canadian tar sands oil is a bad idea and her plan for the … [Read more...]

Neither apocalypse nor paradise

hi, loser poster

I'm pleased that my little article on the high volume of collapse talk coming  from peak oil writers recently generated some attention. And I'm grateful that as someone so obviously committed to Transition as Dave Ewolt judged my musings worth an intelligent response. I'd like to address some of his excellent points here. For me, there are three issues in talking about any kind of post-peak … [Read more...]