Transition Voice is back

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This is a story we probably should have done a few months ago, in February, when we decided to put Transition Voice on hiatus for a few months. But honestly, we didn't want to clutter your email boxes with news that we thought wouldn't interest anyone besides ourselves. Apparently, we were mistaken. Earlier this week, we published our first new story since February, Gerri Williams's review … [Read more...]

This old trick used by climate science deniers still works

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Public relations firms are expensive, but for big corporations doing bad stuff to the public, PR is a good investment. For more than half a century, PR guys have been smart in shielding their corporate clients from harm, earning their fees many times over by helping keep profits high for corporate poisoners and corporate polluters. Take cigarettes, for example. In the 1980s and 1990s, after … [Read more...]

Why the world needs Transition

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There are many approaches to the three main crises threatening civilization today, namely, climate change, peak oil and economic crisis. The problem is that most of them won't work. Weak and cowardly Most responses to these huge problems are too little, too late. For example, even though stimulus (spend more) and austerity (make big cuts) take opposite approaches to fixing the economy, wherever … [Read more...]

Surviving climate chaos: Shelter in place or flee to safety?

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As scientists continue to revise their climate predictions for the worse, it's clear that the time has passed for the world to avoid serious consequences from global warming. With superstorms and floods competing with droughts and wildfires to break records somewhere around the world year-round, the weather is already getting pretty weird. So now, the real question is how best to prepare for … [Read more...]

I’m going to tell better stories for the earth in 2014

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The big issue for me in 2014 is climate change. It's scary to hear that it's getting worse faster than anybody had predicted. It's frustrating that plenty of people still don't care. And it's confusing that even those who do care disagree on how bad it will get and what, if anything, we can do about it at this late date. It could be that humanity is doomed. Melting ice caps and glaciers, … [Read more...]

Breathing life back into the Christmas story

Nativity Scene

We've all heard the story of the birth of Jesus so many times by now that it's hard for anyone but a Sunday school teacher to pay attention to the details. The baby Jesus. Asleep in a manger in Bethlehem. Sought out by Wise Men following a star and of course, by certain poor shepherds in fields where they lay. Born of Virgin Mary who had to flee in the night with Joseph from King Herod's … [Read more...]

6 ways to become more miserable about climate change and peak oil

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It's bad enough that most middle-class people still have to struggle to keep their jobs and homes in today's Second Great Depression. But if you're even a little bit awake, then you also have to worry about longer-term threats: climate change, Fukushima, peak oil and the impending collapse of industrial civilization. There's plenty of reason for anyone to be depressed these days. Yet, … [Read more...]

Black Friday strikes back with ‘freedom to shop’

Blacklie Day 2013 screenshot

If you're rooting for humanity to survive much into the future, then you'll surely find yourself on the opposite side of the holiday shopping season from America's big retailers. If they're rooting for more sales, you may be rooting for consumers to buy less. People who care about climate change and peak oil want industry to stop trashing the planet. But industries that make money from selling … [Read more...]

5 Dos and 5 Don’ts for a real Thanksgiving

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With the world's climate frying from greenhouse gas emissions and the economy teetering from runaway greed, Thanksgiving can seem like another trumped-up mainstream holiday to distract Americans from real problems. Even if the world weren't in serious trouble, what's there to be thankful for at Thanksgiving -- Backed up freeways and delayed flights? Grumpy in-laws in the guest room? Having to … [Read more...]

Against the specialist, the expert and the technocrat

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In these days of ecological overshoot, about the only experts I can abide are climate scientists. Without the facts we get from scientists, what would we say to climate science deniers? So I'm glad to see more climate scientists step out of the ivory tower in the world's hour of need. But sometimes I wish even climate brainiacs would stick to their labs and leave public policy … [Read more...]