About us

Transition Voice covers peak oil, climate change and economic crisis along with the global Transition movement as society’s most promising response.

People around the world are helping their countries, communities and families to prepare for a future that will be cleaner, more local, and run on a human-scale.

But there are concerns as well, as competition for resources ramps up, population increases, and geopolitical tensions flare. How much is in our control? What can we do to engage with the changes that a lower-energy paradigm will bring?

An independent voice

I heartily recommend Transition Voice…It’s a great mix of interviews, probing essays and useful ideas…their writing staff are first class, often typifying that “heavy content, light reading” tone of voice that we strive for in Transition Network.
Ben Brangwyn, co-founder, Transition Network

We deal with the issues that the Transition movement cares about. We also offer analysis on people and progress in the overall transition of a world facing a post-fossil fuel economy. But we are neither the house organ of the Transition Movement nor the official journal of any organization. Transition Voice is an independent international magazine and our responsibility for what we run is entirely our own.

We offer original commentary by some of the leading thinkers on the relation of the economy to energy and communities, along with fresh new voices reporting from diverse communities who’ve started to make the move towards their own energy and economy transition.

We tackle serious issues: the role of energy in industrial society, fossil fuel depletion, challenges of communicating to a larger public, balancing caution with optimism. But we also have fun. We prize edgy writing that’s more like watching Jon Stewart than reading Oil and Gas Review.

We also get a kick out of reviewing books and films, cooking in our test kitchens, and exploring the world of labor-intensive hand made goods and practices that define the reskilling that is setting the stage for the economy of tomorrow. We welcome writing contributions and support contributions.

Non-partisan but not a-political

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
Mohandas Gandhi

We are non-partisan. But that doesn’t make us apolitical. We will hold public leaders of all parties responsible for telling the truth.  And we will require politicians to support good policy on energy, climate and the economy — policy based on science and not on ideology.

We think that to do otherwise, for fear of giving offense, would simply be cowardly.

And we make fun of stuff, because in the face of global warming and peak oil if you can’t laugh, there’s not much point to anything anymore.

— Lindsay and Erik Curren,
Co-founders of Transition Voice