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This is a story we probably should have done a few months ago, in February, when we decided to put Transition Voice on hiatus for a few months. But honestly, we didn’t want to clutter your email boxes with news that we thought wouldn’t interest anyone besides ourselves.

Apparently, we were mistaken.

Earlier this week, we published our first new story since February, Gerri Williams’s review of the film Snowpiercer. In response, we heard from several readers who wondered if there was something wrong with our subscription list because they weren’t receiving our emails anymore.

The short answer is, no, the email list is fine. The long answer is that we took a break from Transition Voice so that I could take time to start writing a book.

The book is on small cities. My thesis is that, while big cities and their suburbs have gotten most of the love in the last century, with the coming century bringing peak oil, climate crisis and ongoing economic decline, some big cities could become hard places in which to live. At the same time, small cities built at a more human scale and surrounded by farmland may offer key advantages for more prosperity, more happiness and greater resilience.

As an urban escapee myself — my most recent move was to leave Washington, DC for rural Virginia — I’m excited about the topic. Yet, in my case, though the spirit be willing, the flesh was weak.

If you’ve ever tried to write a book, you know that it’s easy to find excuses to avoid getting started. Sourcing, editing, formatting, posting and sharing new stories on Transition Voice was one of my top excuses to put off doing the book.

Aside from brewing beer at home, of course. And that’s my break from writing!

If you missed Transition Voice, blame my book. But I missed Transition Voice too. So I was glad that after taking a few months off, I made decent enough progress on the book to feel ready to get back into Transition Voice. That means we’re now ready to start publishing new pieces at a reduced frequency, about once a week. We’ll have to be pickier about what we cover, which I hope will benefit you as well as us.

As always, please share any ideas for stories or comments about Transition Voice with us. Meanwhile, thanks for caring. And thanks for reading.

— Erik Curren, Transition Voice


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  1. Erik Curren says

    Thanks, Eric. Sounds like you’ve got some news too. Anyway, I hope once you get back to writing you’ll let us run some of your pieces again. On my end, I hope to finish the book early next year.

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