As the Empire declines it gets nastier

riot police in Chicago

Photo: JohnnyGotHisGun/Flickr.

Any empire requires three elements for its own survival.

As an empire declines, it becomes necessary to push harder on all three fronts: obedience at home, oppression abroad, and destruction of the living planet. I present a few examples of each phenomenon and embed a brief video clip at the end.

  1. Obedience at home was the subject of a recent essay in this space. Those who do not obey the corporate government are subject to restrictions on personal freedom. For those who are serious about telling the truth to the masses, imprisonment and torture await.
  2. Oppression abroad is obvious even to the typical television-watching American with a reasonably open mind. In the United States of Absurdity, we depend upon our ever-dwindling rural humans for cannon fodder. After all, as pointed out by U.S. President Jimmy Carter during his final year in the Oval Office, the Persian Gulf and its resources belong to us. By extension, the world is our oilster.
  3. Consider one of the many adverse consequences associated with civilization. Industrial civilization converts the living planet into bricks, mortar, and city-centered human habitat. That inexpensive meal served at my favorite restaurant seemed like a great deal, until I thought about the actual, hidden costs associated with getting the meal on my plate.

Finally aware of the costs, which include suffering by humans and other animals, my own heart is burdened.

Watch the video “Three Aspects of Maintaining Empire in Decline”:

— Guy McPherson, Transition Voice

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  1. says

    Wonder how long this can go on. At least more people are awake now. The hardest thing for me to swallow is that, in spite of knowledge, it doesn’t really seem one can do much to stop the madness except at a personal level.

  2. James R. Martin says

    ” … it doesn’t really seem one can do much to stop the madness except at a personal level.”

    But the massive / popular revolt and rebellion that the world now desperately requires is comprised of “personal level” commitments and actions. It surely won’t be a (r)evolution with a Headquarters and a top-down pyramid of “leadership”. Dont make the mistake of believing individual engagements with the Machine are meaningless. Know that millions and millions will soon join the rebellion. One only has to look at the unfolding planetary climate catastrophe to know that the current cultural mythos and lifeway is coming to an end very soon!

  3. James R. Martin says

    By the way, the revolt/rebellion I refer to is not about fighting the current system. It’s about abandoning the current system — not feeding it, not serving it, not cooperating with it. And creating local, small scaled low fossil energy alternatives to it. It’s not a war. It’s not a “revolution” in the old sense. Those are unwinable, anyway. Dropping out is how we win.

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