The 2013 in and out list

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We love bacon. Photo: Real Men Wear Vintage via Etsy.

The end of 2012 brought with it a rash of the same-old same-old “In and Out” lists issued by the lamestream media and their corporate overlords. To wit, the annual Washington Post “List,” this time tarted up by putting two newbies at the helm to give it some so-called edge.

Bwa-ha ha!

It still stunk of too much product placement, too many contract obligations, and a crap load of deference to the corporocratic taste makers; which reminds us — oxymorons are in!

So we’re back again with the one and only Transition Voice In and Out List, which solely radiates the pungency of nutrient rich veggies raised in the vital stench of compost tea.

We’re not afraid to see the true picture of the nation with its post-jobs mentality, total bankruptcy, Koch Brothers comeuppance, and secret hatred of newfangled, low-fat foods.

It’s the second annual Transition Voice In and Out List, 2013!

What’s Out

What’s In

“God, I’m soooo busy!” “Sure, I’m free.”
Plutocracy Block Captains
Plastic Bottles Oil Conservation
Retirement Communities Granny Pods
Desertification Coastal Storm Surge
Rustic Weddings Lunch Hour Weddings
Central Heating Wool Robes
Fiscal Cliffs Ecological Cliffs
113th Congress Essentially Anyone Else (except Ann Coulter)
Metropolitans Micropolitans
Clubbing Parades
The Furthest Reaches of the Universe Your Neighbors
Peak Oil Peak Denial
Silicon Valley Shenandoah Valley
Body Wash Pine Tar Soap
Mayan Apocalypse 2013
Gangnam Style The Virginia Reel
Social Media Obsession Social Media Vacations
Credit Default Swaps Fossil Fuel Portfolio Divestments
Lipitor® Butter
The 1% The 47%
e-Learning Pulling Radishes
Fluoridated Municipal Water Strategic Municipal Budget Cuts
Wall Street Banks Time Banks
Adam Smith Charles Eisenstein
Apps Axes
Brazilian Blow Outs Silver Foxes
Grocery Stores Buying Clubs
Keeping Up with the Joneses Tool Sharing
The Euro (Again) The Brixton Pound
College Apprenticeships
Smart Phones for Kids Chores
Shanghai Brooklyn

What’s Out

What’s In

Fracking Stacking a Cord
Morton Salt Pink Salt
Twinkies Forest Berries
Sunscreen Vitamin D
Centrum Multivitamins Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil
Westboro Baptist Protests Hell’s Angels Rides
Porn Sex
The Debt Ceiling The End of Growth
Plastic Covered Plastic Forks Mess Kits
Mad Men Little House on the Prairie
Career Climbing Post-Jobs Lifestyle
Lawyer Foyers Mud Rooms
Daily Showers Sponge Baths
Haiti The Rockaways
Recycling Upcycling
Climate Change “Debate” Extreme Storm Prep
Assault Rifles Little Children
Romney-Ryan The Whig Party
Gerrymandering Constitutional Convention
Hollywood Bollywood
Canola Oil Lard
Washington Gridlock Total Systems Failure
Clothes Dryers Clothes Pins
National Campaigns City Council Runs
MP3 Players Harmonicas
Tofuti Bacon Ice Cream
Occupy Wall Street Occupy Sandy
Cans in the Basement Community Canneries
Private Equity Farmland
Barack Obama Elizabeth Warren

— Transition Voice

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  1. says

    I’m framing this list!
    It’s wonderfully refreshing (and made me smile)!
    My only change would be to replace Dennis Kucinich for Elizabeth Warren. She’s so great in every way, except on the Israel/Palestine question. Support for the Israel lobby pushes her off the page for me.

  2. James R. Martin says

    I just sent a note and link to Charles Eisenstein, whose name appears in the list. I think it’ll provoke a smile.

  3. Kristy says

    Just found out about the Transition movement although I guess we have been transitioning all along. I was happy to see Granny pods on the list as we are adding on to our home to care for my parents 89 and 90 yrs old. Also our son just took an apprenticeship with a company in town and loves it.

  4. says

    Erik & Lindsay –
    Thanks for including “micropolitans” as “IN” — couldn’t agree more! I think the time is right for more Americans to rediscover small town urbanism and the opportunities present within. I also think it is a trend that will build as more people consider the consequences of peak oil and make the transition to more sustainable communities. Thank you for your ongoing contributions to our shared micropolitan, Staunton, Virginia. :)

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