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‘Tis the season when peak oilers everywhere join in a chorus of reflection that goes something like, “Why, why, why?”

For people intimately tuned in to connecting the dots between the oil driven economy, consumer excess, and a planetary ecosystem under assault from the cancerous growth paradigm, the host of end-of-year festivities can be touched with more than a little melancholy. In some cases it’s touched with down right venom.

And each year I step in to the fray with your guide to a Peak Oil Christmas (or your gluttonously devolved holiday of choice).

But just as I was going to write it, I realized that more than advising on how to bring peak oil awareness into your celebrations and yes, maybe even your purchases, that instead what I needed to do was take a vacation.

We all need a breather

No, I’m not headed off to some exotic locale. Erik is in an exotic locale, but that’s in pursuit of a book he’s been commissioned to write — travel for work, even if there are some perks to seeing a whole different part of the world.

So for me, staycation would be the better word.

Not that I’ll even be “cationing” in the staycation. I’ll still be working as a ghostwriter and with my upcycled Etsy store, but just taking a short break from Transition Voice.

We’ve been publishing this little Web ‘zine for two and a half years now, as volunteers, and with very little funding. We’ve been putting out almost all original content (maybe the ratio is 85% original content to 15% repurposed content) five days a week, almost without fail, during that time.

That’s a lot of (mostly) volunteer hours. And even though we love it, giving a lot of energy to it necessarily means not giving energy to other things.

So at this bustling season when most people are preoccupied with wrapping up year-end work, taking some time off, and spending time with family, I figured that fewer people would notice if our publishing schedule went on hiatus for about three weeks.

I hope you dear readers understand that I really need this in order to maintain balance with other aspects of my life such as paying work and my kids. The upshot is that returning to the project will be that much sweeter for having enjoyed some time away.

We’ll be back to our regular publishing schedule on Monday, January 7, 2013.

Let’s hope the world doesn’t end before then! 😉

What can you do?

In the meantime, we hope that whatever your traditions are you enjoy them with good company and good cheer.

And in response to some who’ve asked how they can help Transition Voice, I’d encourage you to let college students and even grads without jobs know that we’re looking for interns — sorry, unpaid — to do some writing, story sourcing, production, and editing work for us. So pass on our contacts if you will.

And as always, we welcome donations to help keep this project viable.

All the best to you and yours. Here’s hoping you find, create, and share the real meaning of the season — Peace, Love, and Joy!

–Lindsay Curren, Editor-in-Chief, Transition Voice Magazine

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  1. says

    Lindsay, thank you so much for your work on Transition Voice. It’s been my home page for almost a year. Starting my day with your latest headlines helps me remember the scope of Transition outside my own daily efforts and our local initiative. Always encouraging and thought provoking. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Deni Silberstein says

    I’ve been seeing the Curren name on The Energy Bulletin/Resilience website for years, but have just begun reading your material: thank you for voicing so many of my thoughts, so eloquently. Have a wonderful Holy Day, and return refreshed, refurbished and re-energized!

    • says

      Deni, I’m sure I can speak for both of us Currens when I thank you for your sweet compliment and return your wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and any other holidays you might celebrate.

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