Vote Romney-Ryan to hasten collapse

Romneymobile in the final stretch

If you’re in the Collapse Party, then you’ll want to ride the Romneymobile. Why not try the rooftop seating? Image: DonkeyHotey.

This election year, the total collapse of industrial civilization has gained a popularity not seen since the heyday of The Planet of the Apes franchise.

All over the blogosphere, people who worry about climate change, peak oil, financial meltdown, debt slavery, species extinction, overpopulation and rampant commercialism along with the spread of military drones, techno-warfare and the surveillance state have given up on the electoral process.

They say that voting for either one of two big government, pro-corporate candidates won’t make any difference. It’s too late to try to fix industrial capitalism before it snuffs out our few remaining freedoms and destroys the Earth.

Instead, some argue that nothing less than quick collapse of the global political and economic system can prevent either the advent of a totally Orwellian dystopia or the destruction of the Earth’s ability to sustain life.

Unless you follow Ayn Rand and believe that the free market will create new air, water, soil and living beings based on market demand, you have to agree that the industrial civilization is on the highway to hell, with human extinction in the current century a real possibility.

Plutocracy rampant

Meanwhile, after Citizens United and the rise of Super PACs, the power of rich people to run government as a cover for destructive extraction and pollution industries has only increased.

Last year, Occupy Wall Street offered the best chance in two decades to break the death grip of plutocrats on the neck of government. But now Zuccotti Park is cleared (or underwater). The drum circles are silent. And the hope is gone.

And so, facing near total despair, there seem to be only two paths for a moral person.

You can join James Carville in the Cocktail Party and drink yourself into an ongoing stupor.

Or, you can do whatever possible to try to hasten the collapse of the whole made-in-China and bought-at-Walmart monster of globalized plastic culture before it extinguishes birds, bees, flowers and everything else we love and then finally kills us all as a punchline.

That’s why, if you want a sustainable world, you need to vote Romney-Ryan this coming Tuesday, November 6.

Or just stay home and don’t vote for Obama, which will have much the same effect.

No more hopey and no more changey

Surely, the president has let down anyone who cares about the future of human life on Earth and especially climate change, today’s biggest threat.

And enough with the blah-blah about how Congress stopped all the good stuff Obama wanted to do to cap greenhouse gases, promote clean energy and conservation and cut subsides for Big Oil. Those are just excuses for the politically naive.

Anybody over the age of eight knows that if Obama weren’t a total tool of the kleptocracy, the president could’ve made it happen. Just as Ike ended the military-industrial complex, Ford whipped inflation now or George W. Bush brought democracy to Iraq.

That’s what presidents do — they take decisive action and get ‘er done — Congress, the Supreme Court, big business, the media and public opinion be damned.

It’s easy to decry Obama’s lack of achievement on the issues that threaten industrial civilization.

Back to climate change. Who cares about fuel efficiency standards for cars? Or trying to slow down the Keystone XL Pipeline? Or a bunch of little regulatory rulings from the EPA and other agencies to preserve species habitat or make offshore drilling a little less bad that nobody outside of wonky Beltway green groups can understand?

That sort of insider tiddly winks doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when it comes to the polar icecap.

So maybe it’s time to give up on the whole effort to reform industrial society and just make it a little less bad. That was Obama’s strategy and it didn’t work.

If you want to deal with climate change, it’s high time for Plan B — Total Collapse.

Romney clean coal navy

Sure, Obama pushes clean coal, but poorly. Romney’s heart is in it. Image: MrKite129.

Bringing efficiency to climate change

Romney-Ryan will melt the polar icecap, and I mean quick. They’re not the ones in this race who want to slow the rise of the oceans or heal the planet.

Passing policies to promote, rather than fight, climate change will create the conditions for hundreds more storms raining whoop-ass down on New York City and Washington, DC that will make Hurricane Sandy feel like a cool summer’s breeze.

In response, Romney-Ryan will pump up disaster relief — by outsourcing it to Halliburton — yielding both more human suffering and higher costs. Meanwhile, coastal states and localities will have to empty their coffers to build seawalls and relocate infrastructure inland, cutting budgets for schools and roads. Sooner rather than later, they’ll all reach the breaking point.

Now that’s riding on the highway to hell.

Romney-Ryan also won’t goof around about pulling subsidies for Big Oil. Like that was ever going to happen anyway. Pleeez.

Romney-Ryan know where America’s bread is buttered. Cutting Obama’s puny subsidies for solar and wind won’t save much money, but every penny counts if you want to increase subsidies for offshore drilling, onshore drilling and outer space drilling (the latter under the direction of Secretary of Galactic Resources Newt Gingrich).

Romney-Ryan will open up the spigot of crude so wide they’ll make Dick Cheney look like an energy conservationist. And after that kind of rapid production (i.e., depletion), then see if people still say that peak oil is a hoax.

Talk about accelerating on the highway to hell.

Species extinction, overpopulation, ocean acidification — do you think Romney-Ryan will have time for any of that stuff?

That’s what the Koch Brothers are for. If anybody can extinguish species quickly and cost-effectively, it’s the private sector. Just remove all the bureaucratic red tape and watch American ingenuity go into action. Government doesn’t create jobs.

Nonetheless, Romney-Ryan are going to be busy creating 12 million new jobs. And if those jobs in turn help create North American energy independence by 2020 through fracking under every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in the lower 48, then all the better.

And that’s building up some speed on the highway to hell.

You see that when it comes to bringing on society’s collapse, it’s clear that Obama is just a flip-flopper.

Says he cares about the environment but hasn’t saved it yet. How’s that hopey-changey thing goin’ for ya now?

Romney-Ryan’s position on the environment is clear. They don’t give a crap about it.

The final financial crisis

Frying the Earth is a good start. If humans even survive as a species, a changed climate will make it much harder for them to rebuild civilization and screw things up again in, say, ten thousand years. But you need a really big financial crisis to bring the whole thing down in the short term.

When it comes to helping the rich get richer and beggaring the middle class, Obama has been ambivalent at best. After banskters crashed the economy in 2008, he added piles of cash to Bush’s already generous bank bailout. And he has yet to prosecute anybody on Wall Street for breaking the law. But at the same time, Obama can’t help himself from handing out tax cuts to the middle class or trying to cut their healthcare costs.

Romney-Ryan is the only team with enough consistency to generate the kind of widespread financial distress, despair and resentment of the rich needed to bring looters into the streets.

It’s all about closure — more plant closures and home foreclosures but with a lot less disclosure. Romney-Ryan are committed to helping their buddies in the top 1% without having to answer to the freeloaders in the 47% or the 99%.

Secrecy, favoritism, a callous unconcern for the majority — There’s no better way to create distrust of government and undermine what’s left of the democratic process.

That’s really driving on that highway to hell.

The bottom line is that if you want society to collapse quickly, Barack Obama will always disappoint. Sure, always going on about increasing economic activity, he’s got one foot on the accelerator. But he just can’t keep his other foot off the brake.

Romney-Ryan will be pedal to the metal. You have their promise on that.

— Erik Curren, Transition Voice

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  1. Lee Samelson says

    As the countdown clock to the election ticks down I beg to tell the obstructionists of the green sustainability agenda:
    “This is our grand opportunity for the better world and we have only one shot left in the barrel. Do you want to waste the shot in the name of an ideology that has proven to be flawed in the first place? The choices that the powerful yet influential make now in the next few years will determine the future of life on planet earth for the next thousand years! Please I beg of you invest these vast windfall profits into jobs for creating new energy, water, waste systems and transportation infrastructure instead of propaganda and lobbying attempts to dig in your heels! Please help us soften the impact of the more resource constrained era of the near future. ”

    The world is at a critical crossroads for the next decade as supply of cheap, accessible oil diminishes. With the exponential increase in human population combined with the finite resources of the planet we depend upon, we are hitting what Duane Elgin calls an “evolutionary wall” where we are forced to adapt, work together and collaborate as a whole. We are in a contest between the odds of our society pulling together in a common mission to preemptively rescue that which is essential, or dissolving into a slew of self-centered battles for what remains. The latter is what we are faced with if the clean energy transition does not happen until the peak oil crisis reaches its full-blown state.

    It would be a tragedy if we are condemned to a “Soylent Green” type future of a bare bones, resource depleted impoverished world because the most powerful, wealthiest and influential people in the realm of politics, media and industry were too stubborn, too unreceptive, too conservative and lacking in vision and unwilling to change the way they think.

    Here is my speculation: The barons of our fossil fuel dependency probably forsee the upcoming scarcity and lust over it as a shock doctrine- disaster capitalism opportunity to trap the rest of us into to be milked for monopoly profit. If the political establishment would give us a million plus job-creating Apollo project green new deal stimulus renewable energy transition then it would foil their decades-long plot for world domination. I would love that scenario to see the Koch brothers squirm in squalor and agony as their divine right to rule entitlement crumbles.
    Yet this oil dependency system that the plutocrats have been so hell-bent on trapping us into is going to implode at some point due to geological supply limits. At that fateful time when the system of industrial growth finally implodes and officially unravels, who will take care of us then? We will need to be intellectual, cultural and moral adults with a butterfly- like social organization of communitarian self-sufficiency.
    Reporting the truth on peak oil connecting the dots between the principles of economics with the laws of physics might not help the economic elite in their agenda to financially or politically consolidate their power. But why should everyone else in the world has to pay the consequences for that inconvenience? Do we really want to be another failed civilization, another Roman empire among the ash heap of history?
    Openly talk of and planning for peak oil is simply the morally right thing to do, so we can act now to preserve what is best about our civilization. When acceptance of peak oil comes into the mix we would then realize that traditional industrial activity can no longer provide sufficient employment or standard of living for the vast masses. That may be why the elite (who probably know the full picture on peak oil but want to keep the rest of us in the dark) have become so brazen recently in concentrating wealth for themselves such as using financial tricks to confiscate other people’s retirement savings. Imposing a Citizens United facilitated political agenda to disenfranchise voting and union rights that all seem to funnel into the same one goal. It is a goal to concentrate the remaining wealth into the hands of a few perhaps so that there would at least be some lucky chosen ones who can live comfortably among the chaos of peak oil. This could explain the increasing brazenness of an overall pluto-craterpillar political agenda of concentrating wealth into the hands of so few that Romney epitomizes.

  2. says

    Great analysis, Erik. Along with accelerating along the Highway to Hell as you describe, a Romney-Ryan administration will make sure to cut all funds for population reduction, appoint Supreme Court Justices to overturn Roe V. Wade, and do all they can to let population increase so the plutocrats can exploit even more land, people, and destroy even more quickly.
    The epitaph on the American Empire, nay, even the human species, might say “Short term thinking and greed won, until everything was lost.”

    • says

      Thanks Janaia! You’re so right about how Romney-Ryan would also threaten civil and human rights, another way they’d generate anger among citizens that could lead to social unrest that in turn would help hasten collapse.

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