Two years running from and toward collapse

Two candles

Our second birthday. Aren’t we cute?

Today is the two year anniversary of Transition Voice Magazine. Woo hoo!

During this time we’ve written about everything from political agitation that was unapologetic about the need for revolution to how to trim your garden using little more than a sharp blade and a good bodily stance.

Obstacle or opportunity?

When we first started out we fell much more into the “WAKE UP TO PEAK OIL!” camp. We were astonished to find so many still so asleep at the wheel on resource issues and what that meant for the future of economy and lifestyle.

Lately we’ve been more drawn to re-skilling, finding great enjoyment in making butter, sharpening blades, storing up rope, and eating a seasonal paleo diet.

Love is all you need

Running Transition Voice is a labor of love in so many ways.

But it’s a gift of love, too.

We’ve met (and interviewed) awesome people, learned so much, been exposed to mind boggling information, encountered others attempting Transition ventures in places as far flung as Tibet and Australia, Italy and Northern California, Florida and Vermont.

People send us books, product samples, ideas, criticisms, witticisms, and encouragement.

We’ve partnered with Energy Bulletin, Transition US, Transition Network, Post Growth Institute, YES! Magazine and our own local Transition Staunton.

Great writers, researchers and passionate advocates such as Guy McPherson, Sherry Ackerman, Vicki Lipski, Ralph Nader, Bill McKibben, Naomi Wolfe, and others have shared their wisdom, outrage, insights, and suggestions.

All in all, for a little website in one of America’s top ten small cities, we’ve done all right, and enjoyed it every step of the way.

A little help from our friends

We hope you’ll not only join us in toasting today, but stay with us as we journey forth into the future.

If you’re so inclined (and able) to donate to our cause we’d more than appreciate your contribution of $10 (or whatever amount you’re inclined to give).

But there are many ways to help — share us on Facebook, Tweet about us, shop through our Amazon survivalist hub or Lindsay’s List on Etsy or send in an article, musing, or comment.

Thanks for all that you do in supporting Transition Voice. Here’s to keeping the conversation alive and the Great Turning in our sights!

— Lindsay Curren, Editor-in-Chief, Transition Voice

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  1. NE says

    Congratulations. Love your insights and reading the articles posted here.
    From Phoenix mom, gardener, TT enthusiast, chicken keeper, cook extraordinaire!

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