Healing ourselves before our sick culture kills us

Real existence is not our dying culture or our staggering debt or our poisoned politics. It’s our connection to each other. Photo: mnsc.

We share this world — the good Earth. We are a part of it; we have sprung from it; we give back to it when we die. This symbiosis is all that is truly real.

Take a deep breath. As you inhale the air, oxygen molecules, synthesized by other life forms, rush through the labyrinth of your bronchial branches, into the air sacks of your lungs, and progress to the blood stream, attaching themselves to the hemoglobin of your red blood cells. Your heart pumps them to every corner of your body, re-energizing you, giving you life for that brief moment.

Each oxygen molecule has a lifespan of nearly two thousand years. Right now, I am exhaling a breath, as you may be taking that one, lone breath. Some time ago, I exhaled once, distributing air that is nearly twenty percent filled with oxygen. They floated along, through the atmosphere, lingering along. And, maybe — just maybe — they made their way to you at the moment you just inhaled a gulp of air. They came to you, you inhaled them, and they kept you alive for that brief moment you took that breath.

My life became your life.

Likewise is the real truth of existence on this planet. Likewise is how we exist together with each other. Likewise is our relationship to the rest of life, be it human or non-human. It is a symbiosis. All other aspects of existence in this culture were created, imagined, and coerced.

Real existence is not this dying, destructive, sick culture. It is not money. It is not war. It is not profit. It is not ownership. It is not slavery. It is not debt. It is not the economy. It is not your job. It is not your bills. It is not your flashy car. It is not your five-bedroom home in the suburbs. It is not what’s at the mall. It’s not your fancy phone. It is not what’s fed to you on T.V.

The ultimate truth of your existence is the balance and symbiosis with this planet.

Real illusions and false existence

It is these other things, these illusions, these distractions, these fantasies, which we created that destroy our societies, our communities, our families, our marriages, our children’s minds, our relationship to each other, our original cultures, and ultimately, our ecosystem and  our land — the very life-blood of our true existence.

Can you remember what was the last thing you stressed about? Or, worried about? Can you remember what was at the root of your last argument with your spouse or significant other?

It certainly was not the symbiotic relationship you have with this good Earth.

It was indeed one of these fantasies, these created and coerced illusions of this sick culture that caused it….

But, it is not your fault!

Anything that is something other than part of the symbiosis and balance of this planet, true existence; anything that is not part of the natural, symbiotic relationship with each other in our society; or anything that doesn’t follow the laws associated with it can not, and thus, is not, real. Anything other than this is a fantasy. Anything other than this is not only created, but can be, and must be, destroyed.

Anything other than this will likewise destroy our true existence if we, the creators of the illusion, don’t destroy it first.

For, this sick culture, from every aspect, is static, finite, and has no future. Our true existence in symbiosis exists in the first place, because it works. The lies of this culture are, indeed, not working. And if allowed to go on much longer, they will wipe out every shred of symbiosis that is left.

And, before it destroys the last river, the last ocean, the last stream, it will destroy what is left in your heart. It must do that for it to live. For, it exploits and corrupts not only the natural world of symbiotic relationships, but your very soul as well.

The balance will be undone. Your true existence will be undone.

A meditation to become whole again

Close your eyes. Take another deeper breath than before. Imagine a world where all of us are once again in tune with this symbiosis, where you understand and you even feel that connection as you breathe the air. The stresses this culture creates in you- creates in all of us captive to it- are eliminated. For, you will then know that they are not real existence, and don’t have to exist a day longer in your life. Imagine that you are part of the Real.

Now, open your eyes again. Look around you. Look at the world through this knew understanding. It is an understanding that has been forgotten by the human race. You will see the sickness, the illusions, the distractions, and the destruction everywhere. It is a crisis. It is the final crisis the human race, and most of the life left on this planet will experience, and is experiencing now.

Recognize real existence. Recognize symbiosis. Recognize the crisis, and awaken.

Reposted from It’s Not Your Fault.

— Christopher Weller, Transition Voice

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  1. says

    To say that only those things which are physical, of nature, are the only things which are ‘real’ is to ignore the obvious.

    To illustrate, I often ask this question: “is the 5th Symphony real?” To argue that it is real only when it is performed, becoming fluctuations in air pressure, is silly. The modulations in air pressure into sounds that we call music are only the medium of transmission of the recognized pattern that is the 5th Symphony. Is “Hamlet” real only when read or performed? Of course not.

    What you mean to say, I believe, is not that “real existence” does not include death, destruction, culture (sick or not), money, war, etc. It obviously does. What you mean to say, I believe, is that these things are not worthy of our obsession. In this we agree, but there is a great deal of difference in saying something doesn’t exist than to say it is unhealthy.

    • Auntiegrav says

      good point, Stephen.
      I have a definition for “human” which may help expand the discussions as we approach a point where we are forced to determine what people are for (nod to Wendell Berry). All living things exist as a net useful part of their environment (contributing more to the symbiotic future than they consume in the present), or they go extinct. This can only be considered as the real physical and numerical attachments to the physical universe.
      A human being is a creature that has a patterned mutation (not easily defined except as a whole, working software/hardware/wetware mechanism). The human develops a model of the universe it is exposed to as it grows. Upon physical age of maturity, we move our ego into the model and avoid the real universe at all costs. When you look around at all of the successful systems of manipulation (propaganda, marketing, religion, education…whatever you want to call it), you will find that the most powerful are the ones that define the parameters of the model-building process. It is rare that an adult gets a whole new definition of their universe (trauma, stress, etc), but it happens, and they are usually more likely to question common paradigms that are being taken for granted. The rigidity of the model determines how hard it is for ‘real’ things to penetrate the fog of our fiction. None of us is living in a “real” existence (except a friend of mine who has some brain defects and can’t remember or believe things as the rest of us do). The more homogenized our civilization becomes, the less likely we will smoothly transition to a physical reality-based society. In other words, the better we are at civilization, the less we remember about how to build a civilization from the ground up. Empires always end badly because our personal models get farther and farther from responsibility and sensibility of basic Malthusian needs…and then the System fails and someone has to start all over again (usually not those in the Mean mean because they cannot adapt easily: and comfortable adoption is their mantra).

    • Christopher Weller says

      Stephen, I appreciate your comment. However, the only point of this small piece is that the systems, whether belief systems, economic systems, social systems, and so on, that do not mimmick or act in harmony with the mechanisms of the natural world will fail, and are currently failing us. Nature itself teaches these truths, whether spiritual driven or just coincedental.

      Antiegrav, I absolutely love y our analysis. Thank you for the comment.

  2. says

    Joanna Macy and Molly Brown have a fabulous book, _Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect our Lives, Our World_ that very much reflects what you are saying here. Their premise is that we need to “come back to Life”. Real Life. One that is connected to the World. Your article has this flavor!

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