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People can get pretty worked up about their right to eat and drink what they please. Just ask Mayor Bloomberg.

Imagine a country where the government outlawed the food that people have eaten for thousands of years.

Imagine that raw milk straight from cows couldn’t be sold across state lines unless it was heated until most of its nutritional value was destroyed. Imagine that one small town that tried to allow its local farmers to sell directly to families couldn’t protect those farmers from harassment by government officials. Imagine a health agency that declared domestically raised heritage breeds of swine as “feral” and thus dangerous to the community.

No need to imagine such a country, because if you’re an American, you’re living there right now. And all the examples above were real cases handled by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Food fight

By defending farmers in court and pushing legislation in statehouses, the fund seeks to overthrow today’s oppressive regime of food fascism that, in the name of health, crushes the small family farmer to the benefit of big agribusiness and processed food conglomerates.

The fund was spawned by the Weston A. Price Foundation, which educates people about the value of such traditional foods as butter and cheese made from raw milk, fermented beverages and vegetables and organ meats like liver, heart and (ugh!) brain. This diet was inspired by a Cleveland dentist who traveled the world in the 1930s and discovered that traditional peoples eating their traditional diets had better teeth and better health than modernized people eating refined sugars and grains and drinking coffee and soda.

We’ll be attending a celebration of the fund’s five year anniversary at P.A. Bowen Farmstead, the southern Maryland home, farm and creamery of Geoffrey Morell and Sally Fallon Morell. Sally is the President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, author of Nourishing Traditions cookbook and the co-founder and Board Secretary of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

The event will take place on Saturday, July 7. It’s a fundraiser, but reduced price early bird tickets are available until this Saturday. There will be a tour of the farm followed by a farmstead lunch featuring P.A. Bowen Farmstead pastured pork, local grass-fed beef and local seasonal vegetables and fruit with herbal ice tea.

If you’re a passionate follower of either Weston Price or an advocate for food freedom, why not join us at the event?

— Erik Curren, Transition Voice

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