What’s really in and out for 2012

Romney at Bain Capital

Unless you’re Mitt Romney, money is out in 2012.

Every year popular magazines and newspapers produce “In and Out” lists that make a claim to cultural prescience through boldly distinguishing what’s jumped the shark from what’s just about to become a break-out sensation.

Trouble is, too often the ins and outs are totally predictable, being driven by the mainstream corporate culture and so-called style makers. What they’re calling this year’s trends are more often yesterday’s news in underground, alternative and DIY circles. Thanks for catching up, People Magazine and Washington Post.

So we thought we’d do a little In and Out List of our own, with a take on the pulse of a nation dealing with the Great Recession and facing peak oil, climate change and the limits to economic growth. We give you the first annual Transition Voice In and Out List, 2012.

What’s Out

What’s In

McMansions Yurts
Cocktail Culture Home Brewing
Organic Wild
Free Range Chickens Backyard Chickens
Citizens United Colbert Super PAC
Cul de Sacs Grid Streets
Congress The Citizenry
Solyndra “Scandal” Getting a Solar Installer to Return Your Call
Bath Salts Solar Hot Water Heaters
Thomas Friedman Chris Martenson
Stevia Molasses
SOPA Website Protest Blackouts
Portland Detroit
Riding Mowers Hand Tools
Grass Fed Filet Mignon Local Butter Shepherd’s Pie
Keeping Up With The Kardashians Downton Abbey
Polar Fleece Wool Blankets
Bottled Water Tap Water
Outlandishness Respectability
Tweeting Reading
Ivy Leagues Gap Years
Cash Barter
Jobs Free Time
Collecting Strategic Hoarding
High School Home School
401(k) Under the Mattress
Space Exploration Astrology
Business School Greenhorning
Cable TV Home Theatricals
Lawns Edible Landscaping
Bakeries Backyard Brick Ovens

What’s Out

What’s In

FOX News Rap News
Ron Paul The 99% National General Assembly
Sierra Club 350.org
Permafrost Torrential Flooding
The Bakken Formation Oxen Teams
Evangelists The Christian Left
Seth Godin Wendell Berry
Texting Calligraphy
Photoshop Letter Presses
Steam Punk Poetry
Mountaintop Removal Challenging Coal Company Charters
Microwave Ovens Storm Kettles
Big Banks Local Currency
Wii Climbing Trees
Climate Science Deniers The Great Texas Desert
Disposable Reusable
Black Friday Buy Nothing Day
Local Food Homegrown
iPhones Conversations
Screen Time Down Time
New and Improved Old and Repaired
Healthcare Being Healthy
Priuses Bicycles
Eco-tourism Downtown Camping
Going Green Prepping for the Peak-ocalypse
Baby Einstein Going Outside to Make Mud Pies
Copyright Mashup
Euros Cans in the Basement
Corporate Social Responsibility Post-corporate Economy
Ronald Reagan Jimmy Carter

— Transition Voice

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